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  • Contact: Brian Monahan
  • Headquarters:
    555 Twin Dolphin Dr Ste 200
    Redwood City, CA 94065

GoodHire is the background screening company for people who care about people. More than 30,000 employers rely on our skilled compliance experts, helpful US-based customer service reps, and customizable technology to build teams based on trust, safety, and fairness. GoodHire is owned and operated by Silicon Valley-based, a Certified B Corp building trust and safety solutions.

Many savvy staffing firms around the country are switching to GoodHire for screening solutions due to our faster results and candidate-focused TrueMe portal. TrueMe helps staffing firms place candidates who have criminal records by creating “context” around the criminal record to make your clients feel confident in hiring.

70 million Americans have a criminal record, don’t eliminate those placements with!

  • 555 Twin Dolphin Dr Ste 200
    Redwood City, CA 94065