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  • Contact: Scott Wintrip, PCC
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    200 2nd Ave Ste 231
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33701-4313

What is your time-to-fill?

If the answer is greater than zero, that’s way too long.

Companies typically need talented people yesterday. Yet, they often have to wait until tomorrow, or many tomorrows, until that need is fulfilled. Add to this the demand to review multiple resumes and conduct a series of interviews and this process just gets longer and longer.

Before you know it, the person in whom they have an interest has taken another job and the staffing firm gets the blame for another instance of a recruiter letting them down. Is it any wonder that staffing and recruitment firms are still referred to as a necessary evil?

Buyers live in an on-demand, download-it-now, get-what-they-want-when-they-want-it society. Services that allow them to quickly access talent, such as Elance and TaskRabbit, are growing at a rapid pace. The age of on-demand buying of virtually everything is here and it is going to stay.

Staffing services and recruitment firms who have the talented people buyers need the moment they call are infinitely more valuable than those who do not. In addition, firms that provide instantaneous hiring of full-time and contract talent enjoy intense buyer loyalty, increased market share, and higher margins.

Leaders across the globe hire the Wintrip Consulting Group to help them make their competitors irrelevant by delivering their services with greater speed and accuracy.

Services include:

– Executive advising

– Consulting

– Speaking at events and meetings

– Education for leaders, sales, and recruiting

– Products, including Scott Wintrip On-Demand (online learning), books, videos, and downloads

  • 200 2nd Ave Ste 231
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33701-4313