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Top 5 Features of a Workforce Management System in 2017

Robust workforce management systems are worth their weight in gold, especially if you manage an hourly workforce. But not all workforce management solutions offer the same depth of features or yield the same results. Well-designed workforce management software will give employers real-time visibility into their workforce, allowing them to make proactive, day-to-day decisions. It will […]


Ten Things Your Recruitment Website Must Do for Your Business

HOW IMPORTANT IS A DIGITAL PRESENCE TO YOU? By Rick Maré, Founder & CEO, JXT    Connect with Rick on LinkedIn >>> Your recruitment website is much more than just your digital presence. It’s an integral part of your business. Your digital marketing platform can streamline your entire hiring process and candidate experience. With optimised […]


How to Make Your Digital Employment Brand Work for You

ARE YOU SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR EMPLOYER BRAND? By Rick Maré, Founder & CEO, JXT    Connect with Rick on LinkedIn >>> In an earlier article, I discussed what recruitment agencies can do once their website had gone live to help grow their agency brand. Although I touched on what you could do to expand your […]


Your Recruitment Website is Live, Now What?

THIS WILL MAKE THE DIFFERENCE TO YOUR DIGITAL BRAND By Rick Maré, Founder & CEO, JXT    Connect with Rick on LinkedIn >>> Here at JXT we work with a large number of recruitment agencies. Over time, what I’ve noticed is that some decide to invest in a new website then leave it there, whilst […]