ASA Marketplace Your #1 Source for Suppliers to the Staffing Industry Fri, 14 Jan 2022 18:11:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 ASA Marketplace 32 32 Avionté Introduces Avionté 24/7 App, Bringing WorkN Candidate Experience Technology to Broader Segment of Staffing Firms Fri, 14 Jan 2022 18:11:52 +0000

Avionté-branded talent enablement app is available to any staffing firm on AviontéBOLD platform

BLOOMINGTON, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Avionté, a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software, today introduced Avionté 24/7, a new mobile talent enablement app powered by WorkN technology. The pre-configured app includes the full suite of WorkN functionality under the Avionté 24/7 brand, allowing staffing firms of all sizes to offer talent a comprehensive mobile experience throughout every stage of their journey. By focusing on improving the candidate experience, staffing firms benefit from increasing recruiter productivity, talent satisfaction, and redeployment rates. As an alternative to WorkN’s white-labeled offering, Avionté 24/7 can be implemented seamlessly and cost-effectively by any client on the AviontéBOLD platform.

“We are thrilled to expand the reach of our candidate experience technology to many more staffing firms with the introduction of Avionté 24/7,” said Avionté CEO Rishabh Mehrotra. “As staffing undergoes a technology-led consumer transformation, we are committed to ensuring our clients have the right solutions to remain at the forefront of the industry. Employers who can attract, vet, onboard, and schedule workers remotely maintain a significant competitive advantage. With the Avionté 24/7 app, we ensure all our staffing clients, no matter their size or scope, can deliver an outstanding candidate experience.”

Avionté estimates that fewer than one in five staffing firms utilize talent enablement software today. With a simplified footprint, standard Avionté branding, and a streamlined process for set up and implementation, Avionté 24/7 levels the playing field by enabling more firms to take advantage of this sophisticated candidate experience technology. Available on iOS and Android devices, Avionté 24/7 is designed to use AviontéBOLD’s database and system of record to enable:

  • Quick and easy talent enrollment
  • Skills matching and algorithmic distribution of jobs to ensure talent receives notifications of relevant opportunities
  • Real-time, in-app push notifications of job opportunities
  • Flexibility in job distribution: opportunities can be presented to candidates in Offer, Interest, or Schedule Mode to attract, engage, and place talent across all staffing verticals
  • Mobile timekeeping with bi-directional performance ratings and geo-fencing
  • Robust data and analytics
  • Deep integrations with other best-in-class talent enablement solutions
  • The option to upgrade to a white-labeled mobile offering as your staffing company grows

“Early adopters of candidate experience technology in staffing have achieved dramatic improvements in profitability, growth, and employee satisfaction,” commented Ericka Hyson, the President of WorkN, a division of Avionté. “Avionté 24/7 delivers a streamlined mobile candidate experience, allowing firms to improve response rates, reduce no-shows, drive higher retention rates, increase referrals, and boost re-engagement. The integration with AviontéBOLD minimizes change management, allowing the recruiter to continue to work out of the ATS. The skills matching and real-time algorithmic distribution of jobs boosts recruiter productivity, providing the opportunity to focus on high value activities. Today’s talent expects a seamless, frictionless experience. Firms that are easy to do business with and are focused on improving the customer experience will have an edge.”

WorkN and Avionté will continue to innovate and enhance Avionté 24/7 to broaden its appeal to all staffing and recruiting verticals. Avionté’s 24/7 clients will have the option of upgrading to a customized, white-labeled mobile app as their businesses grow and needs change.

See a demo of Avionté 24/7 at ASA Staffing World in Denver, Sept. 28-30 (Booths #708 and #709).

To learn more about Avionté 24/7 or schedule a demo, please reach out:

About Avionté

Avionté is a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions, offering innovative end-to-end technology solutions to nearly 1,000 customers and 25,000 users throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms to maximize profits and boost productivity. WorkN, a division of Avionté, is the premier candidate experience technology provider to the staffing industry. WorkN’s mobile talent enablement app combined with Avionté’s powerful ATS, billing, and payroll solutions, including the first paycard designed specifically for the staffing industry, help staffing firms of all sizes and scopes scale and grow their businesses. Learn more at


Brenda Long
Director of Marketing
(p) 651.470.5205


4300 Marketpointe Dr Ste 250 Bloomington, MN 55435 • Tel: (651) 556-2121

Avionté’s enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions provide innovative technology to nearly 1,000 customers throughout North America. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms that includes powerful ATS, payroll and billing solutions, and the first paycard designed specifically for the staffing industry. To learn more, visit

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Talent Enablement and the Candidate Journey: How Mobile Apps Deliver ROI by Empowering Candidates and Recruiters Alike Fri, 10 Dec 2021 11:12:28 +0000 While the pandemic has placed even greater emphasis than before on the talent shortage and retention rates, staffing agencies and employers know these challenges were there before and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. The critical need to attract talent and keep candidates more engaged throughout recruiting has made the candidate journey an industry-wide focus.

A recent research report by Aptitude Research provided some great insights on the entangled candidate-recruiter experience and the need for technology solutions that empower both. The report makes it clear that candidates and recruiters are both hungry for mobile apps that support talent enablement and ultimately provide employers with qualified hires faster.

Give Candidates What They Want

A successful candidate journey starts with a job search and progresses through researching companies, applying, screening, interviewing, receiving an offer, and getting hired. And it continues with new opportunities and redeployment. Every stage is a point of possible frustration and disengagement for candidates.

  • 58% don’t receive a response after applying.
  • 75% are unsatisfied with the interview process.
  • 78% don’t receive status updates at all.
  • 50% say the reason they withdrew from the recruiting process was because their time was disrespected.

Traditionally every stage of the journey has involved recruiter interaction. But the modern candidate doesn’t think of engagement that way anymore. They want to do all these things themselves and in one place. They are used to tasks in their lives being consumerized through mobile apps and now expect it. There’s plenty of motivation to give it to them.

  • 52% of candidates share their negative experiences, but 77% share their positive ones.
  • 75% say there is a great chance they’ll come back and apply to new positions if they have a good candidate experience.
  • Organizations that improve their candidate experience see a 60% increase in their NPS score, a 58% increase in retention, and a 72% increase in brand recognition.

It’s obvious the industry demands a better candidate experience at this point: 74% state it as a top priority right now. But finding the right solution clearly isn’t easy either. 68% say they haven’t made any strides in improving the candidate experience in the last two years.

How can you have confidence something will address the challenges of the candidate journey in meaningful ways and give you the ROI you’re looking for? That’s why it’s important to look at it through the eyes of recruiters as well.

Invest in Technology that Help Recruiters

It’s not uncommon for companies to use 10 or more recruitment solutions at once. And 50% of companies don’t even measure their ROI. But when you look at what tools like WorkN and Avionté 24/7 can do for recruiters on top of the experience they provide candidates, the ROI picture becomes clear on its own.

The top challenges today, according to recruiters themselves:

  • Finding and attracting quality hires
  • Adapting to change during the pandemic
  • Recruiting remotely
  • Measuring quality of hire
  • Competing for talent across industries

65% of a recruiter’s time is spent sourcing candidates and scheduling calls. And they’ve seen a 30% increase in workload since 2020. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else. As it turns out though, recruiters are looking for the same solution candidates are.

The top recruiter recommendations to improve the candidate experience:

  • Better tools to automate processes
  • More time to engage candidates
  • Simple technology
  • Less time doing admin work
  • Data to drive decisions

This is exactly what a tool like WorkN is built for. With less time spent on the tasks that candidates want to be automated and consumerized anyway, recruiters can focus on building relationships and networks. When they do that employers get qualified, more engaged candidates that they’re more likely to retain. Those kinds of candidates are much more likely to re-engage an agency and be redeployed. Investing in the right technology drives talent enablement and perpetuates the entire staffing industry.



4300 Marketpointe Dr Ste 250 Bloomington, MN 55435 • Tel: (651) 556-2121

Avionté’s enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions provide innovative technology to nearly 1,000 customers throughout North America. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms that includes powerful ATS, payroll and billing solutions, and the first paycard designed specifically for the staffing industry. To learn more, visit

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Interesting Places to Reach Candidates Using Pay-Per-Click Fri, 10 Dec 2021 11:08:01 +0000       By Erin Helms

Using Google search PPC campaigns for recruiting?

Congratulations – you’ve made a great choice! Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a powerful tool to reach candidates with your digital messaging.

But could you be doing more to maximize your reach – and your conversions?

There are dozens of ways you can reach candidates with your digital message using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that go beyond a search campaign on Google. Here are a few more ways you can reach your candidates using pay-per-click advertising that you may not have been aware of.

Facebook Lead Generation

Hopefully, you have a solid social media presence on Facebook and are sharing engaging content consistently. With Facebook lead generation ads, you can boost your audience engagement even further by delivering a “quick apply” form straight to their newsfeed.

You have the ability to target members in your ATS list, re-engage with users who have Liked your page, or deliver these ads to a lookalike audience who might also be interested in your jobs.

What we love about Facebook Lead Generation ads is that they streamline the application process for candidates. A shorter process means a better chance of collecting the application and fewer user drop-offs.

Google Map Ads

Looking to bring more foot traffic to your location? If you want your job seekers to search for jobs and apply in person at your branch’s kiosk, then map ads might be a great option for you.

With map ads, your advertised location can show up as a promoted pin on the map with your logo. If you have a lot of local competitors, your listing won’t get lost in the noise because a promoted listing stands out. Google Map Ads encourage user engagement by offering actions like calling your business or getting driving directions, to name a few. These ads do require that you have a Google My Business page (GMB) to get started, but setting one up is easy if you haven’t already created one.

What we love about Google Map ads is the ability to engage with users who are ready to apply in person. It increases your online visibility, helps you stand out, and encourages action.

YouTube Ads

These days people use YouTube for entertainment and to learn how to do just about everything. It’s no surprise that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google search. Since YouTube is powered by Google, we have very similar targeting methods for reaching those hard-to-find candidates you’re seeking.

With YouTube, you can tell your story with engaging video and put your message in front of users as they are watching tutorials or shows. There are different types of YouTube ads, the most common being the ones you can “skip”. With a Skippable in-stream ad, your message plays before, during, or after other videos. The best strategy is to use a strong message in the first moments before the user can “skip” your ad.

What we love about YouTube ads is that you gain “free airtime” in those initial moments before the user can “skip” your ad. So even if the user doesn’t click through to your website, or watch the entire video ad, you are still able to broadcast your message.

Bing Audience Ads

Did you know that Bing has its own version of “display” (graphic) ads? Microsoft Bing has Audience ads with targeting that is similar to Google. Like Google, Bing has curated lists of users who have shown intent based on their online actions.

Audience Ads are a great way to:

  • Influence users who are in the market to buy (or in our case, apply).
  • Reach users who are specifically looking for an accounting job, clerical, and even an executive/management position.
  • Target users who have shown intent for seasonal and temporary work or need resume help, as well as users who have visited other job listing sites.

What we love about Bing’s Audience ads is that the Microsoft-Bing network is IAS-certified Brand Safe, and you can get your message seen on premium sites like Fox, CBS,, and more. Plus, these digital billboard ads are reaching an untapped audience that Google can’t!

Are You Looking to Expand Your Reach With Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Haley Marketing’s PPC team would love to chat; reach out today to discuss your need for quality talent.

COATS Staffing Software partners with Haley Marketing to provide online applications and career portal solutions that link directly to your own website.  Automatically deliver your job openings to more than a dozen aggregators and make the search and onboarding process easy.




303 Lynnhaven Pkwy Ste 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7400 • Tel: (757) 499-7652

COATS Staffing Software is your fully integrated software solution; combine all your staffing front- and back-office needs into one interface. It is a comprehensive – and secure – system to manage employees, client sales, job orders, payroll, accounting and banking, and general ledger. Everything you handle is right here: ACA Tracking; Resume Parsing; Online Apps; Electronic Onboarding; Job Ads; Portals, and more. And, most of all, we have expert customer service and staffing knowledge to help your staff be as efficient as possible. We provide hands-on training and are always available to offer immediate responses to your technical questions – answering all calls personally. Our software is designed by staffing professionals for staffing professionals. With COATS, you will enhance your customer service, amplify productivity, invoice clients quicker, pay employees faster, and more. Call 1-800-888-5894 or visit to find out all the ways COATS can help your business.

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Talent Enablement Technology: Mobile Apps are Driving Candidate Engagement and Optimizing Workflows in Staffing Mon, 29 Nov 2021 13:42:56 +0000

Finding, engaging, and retaining qualified talent have always been the top challenges in the staffing industry. The talent shortage was a major issue years before the pandemic and it’s expected to be for years to come. But its rapid growth, combined with unprecedented attrition, has every agency looking for innovative ways to differentiate their candidate experience from beginning to end.

Staffing leaders talk about the candidate journey as their agency’s own path to success and growth. And that path is increasingly leading to one place – talent enablement technology. The pandemic forced agencies to adopt a more tech-focused mindset overnight to keep candidates engaged and the long-term benefits have become clear.

63 percent of leaders say COVID-19 made their organizations embrace digital transformation sooner than they had expected and were making greater investments in technology as a result. “Figure out your tech stack” resounds in many heads today.

Talent Enablement Lets Candidates Own Their Experience

Staffing firms of all sizes and stages of growth use a CRM to automate recruiting tasks and an ATS to source and onboard candidates. Many use other tools for background screening, engagement, interviewing, onboarding, human resources, payment, and business intelligence.

Often these systems are not integrated, hurting work and sales flows, costing the agency efficiency, productivity, and money. Finding solutions to better integrate tech or even ones that can do it all on one platform is a major focus for staffing agencies these days. But there’s another tech investment agencies are starting to make.

The candidate journey has many steps. Each one is a chance for talent to engage or disengage with your firm.  The goal is to make the process as easy, smooth, and fast as possible. Agencies are finding the best way to do that is through Talent Enablement. Candidates want a consumerized process where they own their experience and have less back and forth with recruiters. Why not give it to them?

Mobile Apps Increase Engagement Throughout the Candidate Journey

Mobile apps are a highly efficient, cost-effective way to give candidates exactly what they want and keep them engaged throughout the candidate journey. They can search for jobs, apply, interview, get hired, get paid, and redeploy all in one place.

When candidates are empowered to steer their own experience, they are more accountable for their own engagement in the hiring process and less likely to become frustrated with different steps along the way. Both of these are critical today with ghosting at crisis levels in the industry.

As mentioned in “The Rise of Talent Enablement: What Staffing Agencies are Doing Today to Increase Engagement and Improve the Candidate Journey,” positive onboarding experiences directly correlate to higher acceptance and retention rates. The more you enable your talent the more advantages you give your brand.

Talent Apps Optimize Work and Sales Flows for Staffing Agencies

Some staffing providers are now seamlessly integrating robust candidate apps into their tech stacks. In fact, apps become integrators in their own right, effectively de-siloing CRM, ATS, and other third-party tech agencies commonly used. They can be as big a game-changer internally as well as externally.

A great example of this is WorkN, acquired by Avionte.

WorkN provides a seamless CX for candidates while also automating recruiter tasks, giving them more time to spend using the tool to generate interest and distribute offers. Algorithmic matching and push notifications make it fast and easy for recruiters to hire and redeploy talent. Live dashboards provide data and analytics that drive decision-making and revenue.

We’ve all learned a lot in the last year and a half. The silver lining for staffing agencies is that the pandemic provided a proof of concept for how technology can positively affect the entire candidate journey moving forward. Finding the right tools to complement and even accentuate the high-touch recruiters provide is essential.


4300 Marketpointe Dr Ste 250 Bloomington, MN 55435 • Tel: (651) 556-2121

Avionté’s enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions provide innovative technology to nearly 1,000 customers throughout North America. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms that includes powerful ATS, payroll and billing solutions, and the first paycard designed specifically for the staffing industry. To learn more, visit

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Able’s Native, Automated Onboarding Application Is Now Available In The Salesforce AppExchange Tue, 16 Nov 2021 15:05:19 +0000  Able, the leading provider of onboarding automation technology for the staffing and recruiting industry, today announced Able for Salesforce is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Originally announced at the end of 2020, Able for Salesforce takes Able’s fully-featured onboarding solution and makes it available for recruitment and HR teams working within the Salesforce ecosystem. Able is trusted by some of the largest staffing firms in the world, dealing with some of the most complex hiring workflows. The cloud-based, mobile-first platform makes qualifying, hiring, and engaging candidates easy for everyone involved by streamlining the onboarding process with automation and a focus on a simplified candidate experience.

While several firms have already started moving to Able for Salesforce to manage all of their workflows in a single system, being listed on the AppExchange means Able for Salesforce has gone through Salesforce’s security review process to ensure it has met their highest security standards. The application enriches the powerful capabilities available within Salesforce to create an enhanced, top-tier onboarding workflow, including remote I-9s, integrated background checks, and automatic reminders for placing any role.

“We’re excited to be bringing our comprehensive onboarding features into the Salesforce ecosystem, improving the candidate experience for anyone who runs their business on Salesforce,” said Gerald Hetrick, CEO of Able. “Salesforce is one of the most pervasive platforms in the world, and being able to create a unified hiring journey in it can have a major impact for recruiters everywhere.”

Addressing some of the key challenges facing the staffing and recruiting industry like high candidate drop-off rates, low recruiter productivity due to time-intensive manual processes, and a lack of actionable data insights into the onboarding process, Able for Salesforce facilitates a seamless flow of candidate data in one system, making it easier to:

  • Onboard faster by automating processes that minimize manual effort and shorten time to hire, while candidates only need to access a single self-service portal.
  • Hire smarter with a better understanding of the health of your talent pipeline through analytics and data insights.
  • Unlock complexity by solving your most challenging use cases with dynamic features, from built-in e-signature to complete form management for recruiters, all configurable to best fit your needs within Salesforce.
  • Maintain engagement to the finish line by meeting candidates where they are—likely on the go—with a mobile-first experience and a seamless, responsive candidate UI.

To learn more, please visit, schedule a demo, or join our upcoming webinar, “Watch Able for Salesforce in Action” on December 8, 2021, at 1 PM ET.


2019 Center St Ste 202 Cleveland, Ohio 44113
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Marshall Murphy to lead human resource management practice at Oaklins member firm Capital Alliance Corp. Tue, 16 Nov 2021 14:51:00 +0000 Marshall Murphy has been named managing director and practice leader for human resource management (HRM) at Oaklins Capital Alliance Corp., where he will advise clients on mergers & acquisitions and capital raises.

The Dallas office of Oaklins International, Capital Alliance Corp. provides expert strategic consulting and M&A advice, with sought-after negotiating expertise in a wide range of industries, including human resources, technology, energy and construction & engineering.

Murphy most recently led all financial, accounting, treasury and corporate development functions for Atlanta-based Insight Global. The nation’s third largest IT staffing company, Insight Global is known for temporary and permanent placements of IT, finance and other technology-related professionals.

Murphy also co-founded and raised seed capital for Wilson Gordon, a specialty finance company based in Dallas and Chicago that provides factoring and business advisory services.

“Marshall joins Capital Alliance at a time when M&A in the staffing and PEO industries is very active,” said Brad Buttermore, managing partner and CFO of Capital Alliance Corp. “His years of experience in investment banking and his time at one of the nation’s largest IT staffing firms will be invaluable, as we expand our services to HRM sellers and buyers.”

Murphy has successfully led numerous private company sales in the HRM space, including a recent $3.1 billion sale of Insight Global. In his career Murphy has led merger & acquisition activity of more than $1 billion in company acquisitions and $400 billion in asset acquisitions at leading investment banks and private firms.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Washington and Lee University and an MBA in finance from the University of Texas at Austin.

About Oaklins Capital Alliance Corp. (

Based in Dallas, Oaklins member firm Capital Alliance Corp. is a global mid-market investment banking firm, providing consulting services for mergers and acquisitions principally to founder-led companies. The company represents clients in selected markets, including human capital management, energy infrastructure and assets, information technology infrastructure, construction and engineering, and food production. Since its founding in 1976, the privately held firm has completed more than 230 transactions with an aggregate transaction value exceeding $3 billion. For three decades, Capital Alliance has been a member firm of Oaklins International, formerly M&A International, a membership organization of investment banking firms operating in the major economies of the world.

Capital Alliance Media Contact
Barbara Hyman,, 214-668-5792


2777 N Stemmons Fwy Ste 1220 Dallas, TX 75207-2270

Capital Alliance Corporation is a Dallas-based investment banking firm with a four-decade history and deep operational and M&A experience across many sectors, including human resources. Capital Alliance is affiliated with Oaklins International, the world’s most experienced mid-market M&A advisor, with 800 professionals globally and dedicated industry teams in 40 countries worldwide. We have closed over 1,500 transactions in the past five years.

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The Rise of Talent Enablement: What Staffing Agencies are Doing Today to Increase Engagement and Improve the Candidate Journey Thu, 21 Oct 2021 11:09:56 +0000 Enablement has been a big buzzword in the staffing industry for years now. You hear about it a lot in relation to sales, recruiters, and customers. But, interestingly, not nearly as much when it comes to the industry’s biggest resource — talent. Why isn’t Talent Enablement as common of a phrase as Sale Enablement in staffing? 

There has been a lot more emphasis in recent years on improving the candidate journey, but are we truly trying to improve the end-to-end experience? Are we empowering them to engage and stay engaged throughout recruiting, onboarding, and placement? What solutions are aimed at making their lives easier?

Finding and retaining talent is more challenging than ever. The latest monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed a high of 10.9 million openings, and quit rates remain 25 percent above pre-pandemic levels. 

The talent shortage isn’t showing any signs of letting up. If a differentiating candidate journey is the goal, solutions focused on Talent Enablement are how agencies can get there. 

What is Talent Enablement?

The candidate experience has always been driven by recruiters and the relationships they form with talent. While that is certainly still true, the modern candidate demands a broader definition of engagement. They expect to be enabled to do a lot on their own and are accustomed to engaging digitally for most of their daily tasks. 

Talent enablement is about meeting candidates where they are and leveraging the processes they already prefer. Some of the biggest companies we rely on now — Amazon, Google, Netflix, Uber — have completely shifted how we think about engagement. Everything is consumerized to meet our needs as intuitively and efficiently as possible. Consumerization gives users more control over their experience while still providing a high-touch digital experience. It’s what we all expect and want now.

Candidates in the staffing industry are no different. They still want the feel of a high-touch experience, but that doesn’t have to mean what it did even a few years ago. They don’t need to see a recruiter’s face or even hear their voice at every stage of the candidate journey anymore.  

It’s why recruiters are putting even more time into building passive candidate networks through social media. It’s why texting has become a normal part of the job. It’s also why agencies are looking to integrate their tech with mobile apps that let candidates own their experience while helping recruiters more effectively drive engagement.

The process of searching for a job, applying, getting hired, and being paid should be as easy as shopping and banking online. So why isn’t it? The tech is available to make it happen. The problem lies in how the tech is currently being developed and utilized.

Transformative engagement hinges on solutions that mutually benefit the entire staffing industry. Disparate technology that can’t see the big picture has made that a particularly difficult challenge for a long time. 

Talent Enablement is the holistic way forward. Done right, it provides companies with the right candidates, candidates the right opportunities, and agencies the ability to facilitate the growth of both. 

Why You Should Care About Talent Enablement

All of the top challenges for staffing agencies today — finding qualified candidates, getting them to respond, digital transformation, integrating technology, maintaining accurate data, managing the candidate experience, maintaining relationships, onboarding, retaining high-performing talent, redeployment — are directly tied to Talent Enablement. 

And Talent Enablement is directly tied to how agencies define success. A great onboarding experience makes a candidate 38 percent more likely to accept a job offer and increases retention by 82 percent. Providing a great onboarding experience brings us right back to meeting candidates where they are.

81% of Americans own a smartphone. 86% of jobseekers that have a smartphone use it to search for jobs. The average person uses 10 mobile apps per day and checks their phone every 12 minutes. It’s where we are, how we engage, and how we get things done. 

What Does Talent Enablement Look Like in Action?

Changing norms and expectations have made job searches a lot like researching a product, comparing the ones that meet your needs, and choosing one. Agencies simply can’t afford to ignore the consumerization of talent acquisition.

60 percent of candidates drop out of the recruiting process just because of lengthy and complex applications. And that’s just one pain point Talent Enablement mobile solutions address. 

Making Talent Enablement a priority at your agency will mean: 

  • Happier, more engaged candidates
  • More productive and effective recruiters
  • More positions filled with the right talent
  • Greater retention
  • More efficient redeployment
  • Satisfied clients that keep coming back

It really is an everybody wins scenario. Candidates get to own their experience, clients get candidates much more likely to stay and perform, and agencies differentiate themselves by making both happy. 


4300 Marketpointe Dr Ste 250 Bloomington, MN 55435 • Tel: (651) 556-2121

Avionté’s enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions provide innovative technology to nearly 1,000 customers throughout North America. Avionté delivers a robust platform for clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional staffing firms that includes powerful ATS, payroll and billing solutions, and the first paycard designed specifically for the staffing industry. To learn more, visit

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Staffing Benefits Leader Announces Partnership With a Leading Virtual Primary Health Care Provider Tue, 28 Sep 2021 18:27:11 +0000 Insurance Applications Group, Inc. (IAG), a leading Insurtech developer of innovative, proprietary insurance products with enrollment and administrative technologies designed specifically for the staffing and temporary employment industries, is proud to announce the addition of PlushCare, a world class virtual primary care provider, to its popular Essential StaffCARE (ESC) benefits program. The inclusion of PlushCare further strengthens ESC’s delivery of usable, quality healthcare through virtual access to top-rated primary care physicians.

PlushCare’s virtual primary care services are available in all 50 states, providing access to same-day visits with best-in-class doctors through ESC’s new mobile benefit application. Unlike legacy telemedicine services where members are randomly connected to any available contract doctor, PlushCare provides repeat access to the same, dedicated virtual primary care physician. PlushCare’s physicians can treat a wide range of chronic conditions while providing the full primary care experience, including prescriptions, lab orders, and specialist referrals. At the enrollee’s discretion, their PlushCare physician can be granted access to an employee’s existing health records, providing members an even higher level of consistent medical care. In addition to virtual primary care physicians, ESC members will have 24/7 virtual connectivity to a care team of nurses and care coordinators that support them between doctors’ visits via unlimited text messaging.

“With a growing number of COVID variants increasing worker reluctance to go to a physical doctor’s office, ESC’s integration of virtual primary care leader PlushCare equips employers with a timely, much needed, and high-quality employee benefit. PlushCare maintains an astounding Net Promoter Score of 90, demonstrating “world class” customer service. This new ESC program enables employers to establish a technology-driven Employee Experience (EX) that will allow staffing organizations to recruit and retain top talent in today’s challenging hiring environment,” stated J. Marshall Dye III, Founder and CEO of IAG.

“COVID has also created an increase in mental health needs for our clients’ associates across the country. A surprising statistic is that primary care providers prescribe 79% of antidepressant medications, and see 60% of people being treated for depression*. Virtual access to primary care physicians for the treatment of depression and anxiety enhances the mental health benefits provided by ESC,” Dye continues.

Virtual primary care visits and other PlushCare services are covered under ESC’s Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan at no additional cost to employees.

About Essential StaffCARE

Essential StaffCARE (ESC) is a benefit program of Insurance Applications Group, Inc. (IAG).

IAG is an insurance technology company specializing in proprietary product and administrative solutions for the staffing, temporary employment, and other high-turnover industries. IAG has developed API and Multi-Tenant Architecture that enable it to provide benefit platform integration solutions for staffing companies’ onboarding systems, payroll service providers, HCM/HRIS platforms, and HR technology aggregators. ESC provides ACA-compliant health plans and supplemental employee benefits to over 2,500 staffing companies across the United States, and enrolls over 750,000 temporary employees in its benefit plans annually. For more information

About PlushCare

PlushCare has been pioneering virtual primary care since 2014 with a model that drives value. They improve access to affordable primary care, improve prevention and chronic condition management, and reduce low-value care. Their top-rated physicians provide longitudinal care in collaboration with a multidisciplinary care team, enabling patients to build trusted relationships for ongoing virtual care. In June of 2021, PlushCare was acquired by Accolade (Nasdaq: ACCD), the company that works with employers to deliver healthcare and healthcare navigation services to their employees. According to CEO, Rajeev Singh, Accolade acquired PlushCare “because of their purpose-built technology stack designed for primary care, for their incredibly talented physicians and sky-high customer satisfaction ratings, and for their mission driven management team that built an incredible company from scratch” For more information visit or www.

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Noma Tower 220 N Main St Ste 605 Greenville, SC 29601-5114 • Tel: (866) 798-0803

Essential StaffCARE is the leading provider of ACA compliant health insurance and supplemental employee benefit plans to the Staffing Industry. Serving over 1,500 clients, ESC offers ACA Compliant MEC plans, Fully Insured Major Medical plans, Supplemental Fixed Indemnity plans, ACA Audit Log, Variable Hour Tool, and E-Enrollment Technology.

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UNA Health Selects Moonshot Innovations for Software Development Services as it Scales its Platform to Meet Client Demand. Fri, 24 Sep 2021 20:23:58 +0000 UNA Selected Moonshot Innovations for its Depth of Experience in Software Development in Healthcare Staffing.

Overland Park, KS: UNA Health has selected Moonshot Innovations for software development services as UNA continues to modernize and transform the way Hospitals, Healthcare Staffing Firms, and Healthcare Organizations recruit, qualify and onboard their candidates through innovative, engaging mobile technologies. Moonshot’s full range of Information Technology services positions them to facilitate UNA’s growth strategies as they transform into a data and analytics company.

“UNA Heath is excited to be partnered with Moonshot. Our mobile platform is unique to healthcare staffing, so finding a team that could help us scale our technology in this market was important,” says UNA Health CEO Ron Gonzalez, MS BSN. “We selected Moonshot Innovations because our rapid growth required a seasoned team of IT Professionals and software developers.”

UNA looks to Moonshot as a strategic partner with diverse tech offerings that will continue to build Best-in-Class recruitment and onboarding solutions for healthcare organizations of all sizes. UNA plans to integrate with Moonshot’s Mobilize software to create a new end-to-end consolidated Staffing Software and MSP system, empowering healthcare organizations and staffing firms to manage candidate profiles, onboarding, credentialing, and scheduling, through to the back-office functions, automating timecard processing, payroll, and invoicing.

“We’re excited to partner with UNA Health to provide a state of the art end-to-end solution for staffing firms and healthcare organizations,” says Bill Marshall, CEO of Moonshot Innovations. “UNA and Mobilize Analytics will empower organizations with real-time recruiting productivity metrics, client and supplier data, and financial trends to make informed operational and strategic decisions. We have over three decades of experience in healthcare staffing, and we’re looking forward to making it possible to put candidates to work faster and increase multiple competitive advantages for staffing firms.”

UNA & Mobilize will be the first fully functional UNA TEST integration to be marketed to the healthcare staffing market.

About Moonshot Innovations

Moonshot Innovations provides World-Class IT Support, IT Strategic Services, Application Development, Managed IT Services, Microsoft 365 Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Business Intelligence and more. As a Microsoft Gold Partner with multiple certifications, Moonshot continues to set the industry standard for quality, service and integrity in the field of Information Technology.

About UNA Health

UNA Health Inc is a leading provider of mobile recruitment solutions for hospitals and healthcare staffing firms. The UNA platform of fully customizable mobile solutions includes engaging onboarding tools, competency testing, skills checklists, annual competencies, credential management and position notifications – all in one client branded app. The platform seamlessly integrates with applicant tracking systems and hospital H.R. software, and provides end users with a truly mobile experience and the ability to effortlessly apply for positions with one-click, as well as upload credentials into our proprietary credential management portal.
UNA streamlines the hiring and credentialing process, and saves both recruiters and Q.A. teams worker hours, which translates into increased efficiencies, and ultimately, cost savings.

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30 YEARS SUPPORTING THE IT NEEDS OF STAFFING AND RECRUITING FIRMS WE’LL HELP YOUR STAFFING AGENCY BE MORE EFFICIENT, CONTROL COSTS, AND SECURE ASSETS WITH TECHNOLOGY Technology is supposed to help you run your business, not make it harder. Managing the administration of your technical footprint can become as big a job as your actual job – running a successful staffing firm. At Moonshot, we get it. We have over three decades of experience in the needs and challenges of staffing firms, so you can get the technology you need – at the right price for your business. You think it. We’ll get it done. Give us a call today and we’ll show you how.

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