Corra Group Offers Pre-Employment Screening Background Checks to Healthcare Industry

Corra Group has initiated employment screening packages and expanded its services to the healthcare industry. Based on various news releases, including the joint Pro Public/Los Angeles Times Pulitzer Prize winning studies, the increased services will assist both healthcare facilities and staffing agencies in properly vetting their employer candidates.

In such articles jointly published by Pro Publica and the Los Angeles Times and written by Tracy Weber and Charles Orenstein, entitled, Temp Firms a Magnet for Unfit Nurses, and California Eyes Discipline for Nurses Sanction by Other States, contend that high demand for nurses and scant oversight enable nurses and other healthcare workers have been sanctioned elsewhere for sexual abuse, neglect, rampant drug use and criminality but could work freely by moving to different states.

There are fly-by-night recruiting firms that want to do the minimum of employment screening in order to get their healthcare workers hired, said Nick Gustavson, Corra Group Co-Founder. And then some staffing groups try to be diligent, but if not carefully checked, past misconduct on the part of healthcare workers can slip through the cracks.

Corra Group can deliver a comprehensive group of background searches that will benefit staffing agencies and healthcare facilities, he said. Staffing groups, hospitals, and even the local doctors office can avail themselves of our employment screening packages.

Gustavson pointed out that any healthcare facility receiving government funding can lose such funding if members of their staff are discovered to be on the healthcare sanctions list. Even IT workers and temporary contractors must be vetted for healthcare sanctions and any disciplinary actions before being allowed to work in a government funded facility.

Just on the smaller levels, even the local doctors office discovers his new bookkeeper has past criminal records related to embezzlement or other financial malfeasance, said Gustavson. Or that a background check will reveal the new office manager has serious drug or alcohol issues. This is not theory. We at Corra Group see this kind of thing all of the time.

Among other background searches, Gustavson recommends the FACIS, or Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems, database search. The Level Three FACIS search is a must anymore, said Gustavson. It is superior to the typical OIG/GSA search because FACIS, in addition to the Office of Inspector and General Services Administration sanctions, reports disciplinary action from more than 2,300 healthcare related agencies from around the country. Its the search you conduct, if you really want to find out whats going on with your healthcare employment candidates.

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