Paypro Corporation Announces Launch of New Company: GalaxyHR

Paypro Corporation is excited to announce the launch of its new PEO (Professional Employer Organization): GalaxyHR. GalaxyHR, a NAPEO member, provides small to medium sized businesses with a progressive solution focusing on stabilizing many of the unpredictable costs of being an employer.

“We are excited to announce the launch of GalaxyHR,” commented Kenneth Porcelli – CPA, Paypro’s Chief Operating Officer. He continued: “Through GalaxyHR, we will be able to offer clients improved levels of benefits, shared risk and compliance liabilities, as well as increasing their overall operational efficiencies and profitability.”

GalaxyHR offers clients a dedicated services team that focuses on their specific objectives and needs, similar to Paypro’s approach to service. Clients are backed by industry professionals and better positioned to stay ahead of changing market conditions.

“The regulatory landscape shows no sign of slowing down, in fact, if anything laws governing business are on the rise,” Porcelli added. He continued: “With GalaxyHR’s seasoned, industry experts, clients can focus on their core competencies while mitigating compliance risks.”

About GalaxyHR

GalaxyHR is a Professional Employer Organization that provides small to medium sized businesses with Payroll and Tax Administration, Benefits Administration, Risk Management and Compliance and Human Resources Administration. GalaxyHR offers PEO buying power that enables organizations to attract and retain top talent, improved benefit offerings and Employer of Choice advantages. Additionally, by sharing the liabilities associated with employer compliance, GalaxyHR can mitigate compliance risks. Visit for more information.

About Paypro Corporation

Paypro is a workforce management solution provider and offers an alternative to the inflexible, impersonal, and bureaucratic national vendors by providing clients with a service team consisting of Payroll, Training, IT and Tax Specialists. Additionally, Paypro provides one-on-one customized training, report writing ease and unique database functionality designed to drive down labor costs. Visit for more information.

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