Vendor Spotlight on Szeto Technologies

Szeto Technologies, founded in 1986, has been providing equipment for voice, data, and telephone switching for over twenty-eight years. Whether you have a call center of four or forty stations, operate in a single city, or serve multiple centers, Szeto Technologies offers customized turnkey solutions to help you grow your business with its feature-rich Call Linx TAS software and support service.

Szeto Technologies works as your business partner to offer service that is professional and caring to your customers. From system proposal to full operation, the company works hand-in-hand with you, caring for your business as if it was their own. Szeto Technologies provides new features and enhancements to its products, helping customers to stay ahead with technology. Recent developments include mobile apps for HIPAA-compliant secured messages, employee safety monitoring, and the SSS-100 smart telephone switch for interfacing with SIP trunks.

Here is what some of Szeto Technologies’ customers are saying:

“Select Call Center has been a customer of Szeto for ten years. Our Call Linx system is serving multiple cities throughout Alberta, Canada. Operators in each of the offices are operating remotely as local agents in that city via PRIs and SIP trunks. We believe our strength as a business is due in large part to our Szeto Call Linx system, which is reliable, full-featured, and contains many customizations that make our business perform better. Each time we’ve asked for solutions to complex problems, Szeto has come through for us in a straightforward manner that is much appreciated. We trust that when Szeto commits to solving a problem, the issue will be addressed completely and properly so our business can focus on doing what it does well.” – Brandon Bidewell, Select Call Center, Edmonton, Grand Prairies, Red Deer, Calgary, Brooks, and Fort McMurray, CAM-X 2013 Diamond Award of Excellence winner for its outstanding service and earning the top score.

“We have been using the Szeto system for over seven years. The strength of it, in my opinion, is that it has a very sophisticated scripting tool, extensive options to handle the most complicated on-call scenarios, and a real reasonable and dependable approach to supporting us.

“When we purchased the system, we were not using a scripting tool. We fully expected we would have to press our staff to accept the scripting in place of the standard quadrant of information and messaging screens. However, when we started to show them how powerful it was, our implementation team unanimously said, ‘We want all accounts scripted.’ It also makes training easier, in that our new employees can be answering calls within a day or so.

“I don’t think we fully understood how powerful the options are for programming the variety of on-call options when we purchased the system. However, we have been able to pre-program all of the on-call scenarios that we could think of, which takes the research and decision making out of the hands of the dispatcher. The result is fewer mistakes in dispatching to the wrong person.

“One of our initial concerns in buying a system from a small company was their ability to support us. Our experience with the Szeto team has alleviated those concerns. They have been with us quickly on any issue that may have come up, regardless of whether it is a telco, cell phone, or facility problem. I can’t speak more highly of their team when we are in a pinch.” – Gard McLean, Finger Lakes Business Services, Inc., whose various offices were recently winners of ATSI 2014 Award of Excellence top score, Diamond Award of Excellence Top 10, and Award of Excellence.

“We purchased Szeto in 2007 and love it! Szeto is a reliablefull-featured, elegantly simple system. Our clients love what we can do for them: all of the basics, plus intelligent dispatch, scheduling, order editing, etc. Our CSAs love the ease of use, and we love that new CSAs are productive in days. Szeto seamlessly interfaces into all technical environments. Client setup is completely versatile – from the simple to the complex – yet straightforward and logical; we don’t need an IT person to do it.” – Christina Mattingly-Massie, operations manager, Teleprofessional Louisville LLC, Louisville, Kentucky.

“The Szeto System has been one of the primary tools in the successful operation of We An-Ser Communications Group for eight years. Because of Szeto Technologies’ dependable nature, we have relied on their expertise in the provision of our telecommunication solutions. They understand the high standards my company has and are most efficient in delivering well within time limits. It is a pleasure doing business with each and every person at Szeto. They have excellent and efficient support service. Szeto Technologies has been very flexible in catering to our growing business needs.” – Ashley Meszaros, president and CEO, We An-Ser Communications Group

“After nearly six years, one of the first things we liked about the system is still our favorite: the ease of training operators. We can get trainees on the phone with three days of initial training, enabling us to hire temporary workers for high-volume projects.

“Training dispatchers is a longer task, but that is mainly because the system’s dispatching chains are so complex and so user-friendly to the clients. We have new clients who change on-call people three times a day, and we impress them because we virtually always contact the correct person.”

– Paula Ford, Answer Center, Virginia Beach, Virgina, winner of 2014 ATSI Diamond Award of Excellence for outstanding service.

“While all TAS platforms allow you the ability to script accounts, the Szeto system allowed us to script 100 percent of our accounts. Their scripting software is both flexible and fully integrated into their system, which yields several benefits. One key benefit of Szeto’s scripting software is that the script ‘talks’ to the on-call schedule so your dispatchers can page the right person virtually every time. Another benefit is that it has allowed us to take on more complex accounts. This has helped us to diversify our client base by allowing us to sign up customers we had shied away from in the past.” –Tim Neville, StatCall, Alexandria, Virginia, winner of 2014 ATSI Diamond Award of Excellence for outstanding service.

“When Answer Plus converted to a Szeto system, our only post-purchase regret was why we didn’t do this years ago. Szeto’s Call Linx platform more than halved our training process because the system is so intuitively friendly, allowing new receptionists to take calls independently in a matter of days. And what’s a great system without support? Well, the Szeto team has been just outstanding. Thanks, Charlie!” – Kathy Barrett, Call Center Manager, Answer Plus, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Our relationship with Charles and Szeto Technologies began over five years ago when we upgraded our existing answering equipment. The decision to use Szeto Technologies for our infrastructure needs was probably one of the best business decisions we have ever made, and we don’t regret it for one minute. The support and advice has been stellar, and Szeto has taken a huge weight off our shoulders. Szeto has exceeded our expectations ten-fold, and they are constantly striving to make the user experience better and better.”  – Dwayne Davis, Manager, Tel-J Communications

“My managers and staff have been pleased with the ease of training for a new operator, and a computer-literate person can train in under a week. Any time we have had any issues at all, either Charlie or his staff has always solved them the very same day. That is the kind of support needed with a system like this, and Szeto Technologies gets an excellent five-star rating for support after the sale. Szeto is the very best at getting back to us promptly.” – Dale Mason, Professional Answering Service

“When it came time for us to upgrade our equipment, we looked at all the popular solutions and decided to go with Szeto. We have never looked back. All features we needed in a TAS system are there, and much more. The Call Linx TAS software is simple and easy to operate. Our agent efficiencies are tremendously improved, and our staff enjoys their work a lot more due to the ease of operation. On-call schedules programming is easy and efficient, simply by dragging the mouse across the screen.

“Call-Linx has many powerful reporting features, enabling us to review call statistics by time-of-day, account, or agent. We can also create our own customized reports and Web pages for our custom analysis needs, and we can analyze telephone call records in detail when necessary.” – Mark S.S. Slatter, VP of operations, Maximum Communications, Inc.