LiveRes Pushes Forward As They Gear Up For Their National Ad Campaign In The Upcoming Year

LiveRes is a 100% free website that is changing the way Job Seekers and Employers connect by matching only qualified applicant profiles with available positions based on employer-provided criteria and then placing those profiles directly in front of hiring managers to view.

Gearing up for their national ad campaign starting at the beginning of the new year, LiveRes will expand their reach as they continue to stand out in changing the way Job Seekers and Employers connect.

LiveRes also provides recruiters and staffing agencies all over the country the ability to post their jobs listings in order to better aid the companies who work in conjunction with them. This helps to make sure the staffers and recruiters are better equipped when seeking qualified applicants for the companies they work for.

Last month, LiveRes introduced share buttons giving registered users the opportunity to share their Public Board on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn right from their profile. Since then, interactions have increased tremendously. As social media continues to change how companies and businesses stay in touch, so does the innovation and development process for LiveRes.

New features are constantly being added in order to ensure that the site remains user friendly. You can expect to see some additional features in the upcoming weeks.

*Push Notices & Text Messages – Received directly to smart phones and mobile devices.

*Daily Activity Report – Registered users will be notified of previous day’s activity on their account

LiveRes will also be adding a newly developed personality questionnaire which gives business owners an opportunity to get to know their potential employees based on characteristics that they have selected.

From there, business owners can determine whether or not that person is good match for their company while also being able to view their Public Board, video chat and conduct an interview within seconds of being notified. “We are excited about the additional features currently in development. It is important for us to ensure that everyone can use our site with ease” says Kevin B. Casas, Senior Web Developer.

Thousands of people and hundreds of companies nationwide use LiveRes.

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