Bullhorn Announces Unified Workforce Management Solution for Staffing Companies

Cohesive system of record introduced at EngageX 2020 will launch in phases starting early 2021

Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their business, has introduced its vision to help staffing companies manage and engage their workforce from registration through placement and payment, with a unified solution on a mobile-first, cohesive system of record. During Bullhorn EngageX 2020 – the online event experience that attracted more than 3,700 registrants from staffing agencies around the world – Bullhorn president and CTO Matt Fischer’s “Vision for Innovation” session described how Bullhorn will deliver on the candidate experience and leverage the power of the platform for helping staffing companies – including those in light industrial and healthcare staffing – grow profitably with better workforce management.

“Over the last couple years, we have made lots of progress advancing the Bullhorn platform, and over that time we’ve also added key capabilities through several strategic investments, all of which has enabled us to deliver on the vision for Unified Workforce Management”

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A universal challenge for staffing agencies is the struggle of maintaining multiple disconnected systems with inefficient workflows riddled with manual data entry steps that ultimately results in poor workforce engagement. This, in turn, leads to low fill rates, low rates of redeployment, and unhappy workers and clients. Bullhorn Unified Workforce Management is a mobile-first, platform-based solution that provides all the capabilities a staffing firm needs to manage the lifecycle of candidate engagement, from getting started (registration, onboarding, and credentialing) to finding talent (availability, matching, shift scheduling, and rostering) and finally, paying talent (mobile punch and payroll with Bullhorn’s Pay & Bill solution). Each of these component modules will be delivered over time in a phased approach throughout 2021.

Unified Workforce Management delivers all the capabilities that agencies need to profitably manage their workforce at scale, transforming the productivity and experience of recruiters, talent, and clients collectively. Benefits include:

  • Faster time-to-fill: recruiters can find the right talent in seconds with Bullhorn’s front office powering search and streamlined workflows to quickly get people to work.
  • Increased redeployment rates: putting the same people on assignment over and over is key to improving your margins, growing your business, and improving client satisfaction. With mobile communications consistently engaging your talent pools, workers are just a text message away from their next assignment.
  • Effective compliance: ensure the right documents are completed and up-to-date with advanced credentialing and automatic built-in reminders to give teams the confidence that their workforce is meeting their clients’ requirements.
  • A more engaged and loyal workforce: A frictionless candidate experience that is low-touch, SMS-based, and agency-branded will ensure that candidates are fully engaged from the first moment they find your company, and a seamless employee mobile experience keeps them productive and happy while they’re part of your regular workforce.
  • Scale without adding headcount: Automate laborious manual work and help teams focus on value-adding activities that help grow the business, especially in times that call for leaner financial structures and increased resource allocation.

Customers of Bullhorn eagerly anticipate the practical benefits of Bullhorn’s Unified Workforce Management solution. Matt Milano, president of Motion Recruitment Partners, said: “We’re excited to be working with Bullhorn on candidate engagement and unified workforce management because of the extensibility and depth of the Bullhorn platform, allowing us to leverage a single system of record to manage our workforce across all touchpoints. Leveraging the automation capabilities in Herefish, we have been able to improve recruiter productivity while simultaneously elevating our customers’ experience. This is a gamechanger.”

“Over the last couple years, we have made lots of progress advancing the Bullhorn platform, and over that time we’ve also added key capabilities through several strategic investments, all of which has enabled us to deliver on the vision for Unified Workforce Management,” said Matt Fischer, president and CTO of Bullhorn. “We’re excited to deliver a solution that leverages the power of the Bullhorn platform to deliver a mobile-first candidate engagement experience, with capabilities including availability and shift scheduling. If you are an agency focused on filling shift-based roles and are struggling to build scale, our Unified Workforce Management solution will benefit you.”

While several of the capabilities that underpin the component modules that comprise Bullhorn Unified Workforce Management are already available, the system itself will go to market over the course of 2021 in North America and the United Kingdom. Bullhorn will deliver this solution in phases over multiple releases, starting with pre-assignment capabilities.

For more information on Bullhorn, please visit www.bullhorn.com.

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