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DataScreening ASA Member

  • Contact: Karen Jacobsen
  • Headquarters:
    999 McBride Ave
    Woodland Park, NY 07424

DataScreening is a background screening company which offers unparalleled technology and customer service designed with Staffing in mind. We know and understand your business which is why we have created a unique system that offers our Staffing Clients the ability to place candidates faster and more efficiently. With customized solutions for the Staffing Industry and at no cost to the client, DataScreening has designed an ordering platform that is based on your client’s requirements, so every report is ordered with the exact requirement of your client, eliminating any margin for error.  With our candidate interface, your candidate can enter his own identifying information, thus helping you move the process along and again eliminating errors.

Many of our searches are instant, providing immediate results for national/multi-jurisdictional databases, statewide databases, motor vehicle records, credit reports, social security searches and exclusionary databases, such as healthcare sanctions. Our county criminal record searches are provided by a network of experienced professionals nationwide and internationally. We are proud to provide our customers with the best resources in the industry, giving you access to the most up-to-date, comprehensive information. With more than a dozen interfaces with popular ATS’s, no ATS can be excluded with our XML interface.

With more than 30 years in the industry, the owners of DataScreening are all about delivering a quality, timely product while providing the best customer service experience possible.

Easy, simple, powerful technology and outstanding Customer Service is what we are all about.


DataScreening’s Value Proposition for Staffing Companies

 DataScreening has created a software platform that provides our Staffing Clients with solutions to ordering different types of background checks for their clients, simple and easy.

Because you have many clients, we can set them up in our system and behind each client listing will be the list of products that each client desires.  Your staff just needs to click on order. This eliminates the need to have to look up each client’s requirements each time you order a background check, savings you time and money and avoiding costly mistakes.

  1. Invoices can be sorted by client for easy billing back to your client or bill by applicant’s name.
  2. The reference field can be a required field forcing your processor to enter your client’s name in order to sort reports by client.
  3. Let’s take all the ordering out of your hands and put it in the hands of your candidate with our Quick App ordering. He fills in all the information to order his background check, with FCRA forms that he e-signs online.
  4. Interfaces available through many Applicant Tracking Systems or your ATS can write to our XML interface.
  5. Enter the applicant’s information only once, even if you have to go back another day and order other products. You would just choose that applicant and add new products.
  6. Multiple users can be set up, by you, with different degrees of rights. e.g. rights to order only and not view results, rights to view and order only their own or full rights to order and view all reports, as well as rights for your accounting dept.
  7. Branch offices can be set up as sub accounts to the main office, thus having separate billing while allowing the administrator to view each office’s reports.
  8. Reports with messages appear in pending reports, providing you with our message regarding that applicant’s file. e.g. if we need written authorization or there is a delay in the report for whatever reason. Authorization forms can be uploaded.
  9. All candidates’ reports can be found in the system based on various search criteria. Reports remain in the system for 7 years.
  10. For county criminal record search, our jurisdictional tool will identify each county that the applicant has resided at and place it in the order box for your review.  You can select it or delete it as you wish.  No need to look up each town for a county jurisdiction.
  11. Online invoices are available for the administrator and invoices are emailed.
  12. Secure internet based system available anywhere 24/7.
  13. Easy, simple, powerful, and user friendly. Couple that with exceptional service.
  • 999 McBride Ave
    Woodland Park, NY 07424