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Employers Edge, LLC ASA Member

  • Contact: Matt Brady
  • Headquarters:
    5290 E. Yale Circle
    Denver, CO 80222

Employers Edge is the recognized quality leader for unemployment cost control & employment and income verification services. Whether your enterprise is a small local operation or a Fortune 500 company with a national presence, Employers Edge can help you dramatically reduce your unemployment and verification of employment costs. Employers Edge provides our outsourced unemployment and employment verification services for small, medium and very large staffing companies across the country.

Our state of the art technology that we call EdgeWise (our proprietary unemployment claims management system) and InVerify (our proprietary employment & income verification system) are designed and programmed by a team that has been writing software in our industry for over 20 years. EdgeWise delivers monitoring, tracking and reporting features and capabilities designed specifically for the staffing industry that are only available through Employers Edge.

Our expert personnel offer over three centuries of combined, direct industry experience and have serviced many of the nation’s largest and most demanding employers. Plus, our depth of expertise covers all of the critical areas – information technology and reporting, employment and salary verifications, unemployment claims administration, hearings representation and board of review appeals, auditing and unemployment tax planning, educational training and account management.

We combine a substantially more effective process with unmatched service that sets the standard for the industry. All grounded with a flexible, human approach that makes us easy to do business with. Simply put, Employers Edge brings you the most experienced people and the most innovative and effective process – as well as the technology to support both.

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  • 5290 E. Yale Circle
    Denver, CO 80222