1st Commercial Credit, LLC Member

6500 Riverplace Boulevard
Building 7
Austin, TX 78730

1st Commercial Credit is a flexible lender in accounts receivable funding for small to medium sized temporary staffing agencies. There are many companies that factor invoices for cash flow, but only 1st Commercial Credit has the kind of experience and resources that you need to meet all of your payroll obligations and finance the receivables thereafter. Business owners come to us for payroll financing solutions and invoice factoring services.

There is a great distinction between Payroll Funding and Invoice Factoring. Many factoring companies do not fund payroll, they fund invoices for delivered services and there is a huge difference between the two. 1st Commercial Credit provides both funding solutions.

We can fund start-up staffing agencies with minimal sales to large fast growing temp-staffing companies. We also provide invoicing software for the staffing industry that was built for receivable based financing in mind.

Recent Transactions:
$600,000 | Invoice Factoring for IT Staffing Agency w/ Bank Subordination

$2 Million | Accounts Receivable Funding for Travel Nurse Staffing Agency

$350,000 | Receivable Financing for a Respiratory Therapist Staffing Agency

$600,000 | Payroll Funding for a Minority Woman-Owned Staffing Business


How a Staffing Agency Can Dig Its Way Out of MCA Loans

While many companies are easily approved for a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) funding, it has become one of the most popular ways for many business owners to easily access cash. The challenge becomes trying to pay it off when the payments exceed the income stream. When this happens, the shortfall requires the business owner to…