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Just time sheets, only for staffing firms, simple and effective.

Tempus is a web-based, time sheet application for staffing firms.

It allows remote employees to submit time sheets to their client supervisors and it allows the supervisors to easily approve the time.

It provides visibility to the submission/approval process for the staffing firm and analytics to help the firm better integrate time sheet information with key business processes.

Tempus is tightly bound to the staffing business model where the information needs are centered on payroll and billing rather than projects and task management. You won’t find yourself working around features that you don’t need.

Tempus is unique because it’s not tied to a hefty integrated recriuting and staffing package. It’s lightweight, easy to understand, and has far fewer parts than it’s weighty alternatives.  It’s focused only on adding value for staffing firms by improving time sheet management.

You won’t find anything else like it on the web.