Spark Hire Releases Video Interviewing: A Staffing Solution eBook

Spark Hire (, the leading provider of video interviewing for staffing organizations, has recently released a new eBook, Video Interviewing: A Staffing Solution. This eBook is free to download and provides staffing professionals with information on the benefits of utilizing video interviews when placing talented workers into available positions.

Spark Hire presents this video interviewing for staffing firms eBook as a 59-page PDF document. The eBook begins with a focus on the state of the staffing industry and one of its biggest problems today — the skills gap. The eBook goes on to suggest several methods for bridging the skills gap, including video interviews. Diving further, the eBook delves into such topics as using video interviews to find great temporary workers and how the mobile workforce and video interviewing go hand in hand. In the final chapter, the eBook informs staffing pros on how they can share video interview recordings with clients to give them the full picture of candidate. A client can provide feedback earlier on to prevent any wasted time.

“This eBook contains a ton of information on how staffing firms can utilize video interviews to increase their access to passive candidates, collaborate with clients, and gain a competitive edge over staffing organizations not implementing the technology,” said Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “If staffing professionals read this eBook, they will truly understand why our video interviewing platform is a value added to their services.”

To download Spark Hire’s Video Interviewing: A Staffing Solution eBook for free, please visit:

About Spark Hire:

Spark Hire is a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online video interviews. By integrating video screening and video interviewing into the hiring process, Spark Hire bridges the gap from the initial application to the final hiring decision by providing job seekers with a better way to stand out and employers with a more efficient way to identify top candidates. For more information about Spark Hire’s unlimited interview, no contracts pricing starting at $49 a month, please visit