Interviewstream Humanizes Business Communications with Launch of One-way Video Messaging Tool

Whether it’s for employee announcements, recruitment prospecting or compliance issues, ivMessage is the first video messaging tool of its kind to humanize business communications.

Announced today by InterviewStream, the tool allows professionals to send one-way video communications online. Only an internet connection and webcam are needed to record and distribute an unlimited number of video messages to anyone, anywhere.

ivMessage draws upon InterviewStream’s 10-year proven technology to personalize standard email and online communication through the power of video, without requiring extensive production or access to a large amount of resources. The experience for recipients is equally hassle-free, with messages easily viewable on every web browser and mobile device, lasting no more than five minutes.

While this unique tool has an endless number of potential uses for organizations, businesses, and individuals, the pioneering video provider points to pronounced benefits for:

  •     Motivational messages
  •     Sales and recruitment prospecting
  •     Employee communications
  •     Compliance
  •     Announcements

“Business communications are typically conveyed by email or printed messages and they typically lack any kind of personal touch,” said Steve Throneberry, InterviewStream’s Chief Revenue Officer. “ivMessage makes it possible to humanize such messages while also providing a faster and more convenient way to communicate with large audiences.”

The rise of video as a communication tool is undeniable, with over 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter every minute. A chief advantage of ivMessage over other video communication tools is the one-way nature of the messaging; this means no comments to monitor and no fear of the “wrong person” stumbling upon your video.

ivMessage still lends itself to virality, should the user so choose, as the URL for each message can easily be shared with others; however, it also offers the control of setting expiration time periods for each message to be viewed.

Also unlike existing video communication tools, ivMessage offers open-rate analytics and hosts all messages for future distribution or review through an administrative dashboard.

About ivMessage
ivMessage is a product of InterviewStream, Inc. Founded in 2003, InterviewStream is the global pioneer of pre-recorded and live video interviewing solutions. Over 500 clients, including corporations, executive search firms, staffing firms, global career transition firms and universities, have completed more than 500,000 interviews in over 120 countries and in eight different languages. InterviewStream is headquartered in Waco, TX and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation (BHESC).