DaXtra and Talent Rover Sign OEM Agreement

DaXtra Technologies, Inc., the staffing automation specialist, today announces its OEM agreement with staffing software specialist, Talent Rover. Using DaXtra’s parsing and search solutions, Talent Rover will increase staffing companies’ efficiency with wider, more accurate candidate searches and, ultimately, enable more placements. While already native in 17 languages, Talent Rover’s expansion into the global market is bolstered by the agreement with DaXtra to provide parsing services in 25 languages and dialects.

Talent Rover is focused on evolving the staffing industry beyond just an applicant tracking system (ATS); it is a fully mobile, cloud-based solution that integrates social media, and combines a robust ATS, with customer relationship management (CRM), human resource & benefits administration (HRIS), online timesheet & expense reports and integrated accounting software. It embraces analytics – enabling fully informed business decisions, successful placements and greater predictability of client needs.

Following substantial growth since inception in 2012, Talent Rover was looking to enhance its resume search functionality through searching external, as well as internal, databases. Through the implementation of DaXtra Parser and DaXtra Search, DaXtra has provided Talent Rover with enhanced applicant search capabilities to accurately rate and match candidates for each placement. DaXtra’s technology facilitates Talent Rover’s expansion into new territories through its embedded multi-lingual technology.

Brandon Metcalf, Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Talent Rover, comments, “The days of a standalone applicant tracking systems are coming to an end as staffing organizations look to streamline administrative and reporting processes. Our response to this need is a system that evolves the staffing industry beyond an ATS, one that assists in every aspect of the business, from beginning to end. The addition of DaXtra’s technology extends the reach of our clients’ search for external candidates, identifying the most suitable applicant for the job. DaXtra’s knowledge of the market has led to a product that aligns with Talent Rover’s business strategy and is exactly what we need.” Since its launch in 2012, Talent Rover has received an outstanding response from staffing firms within the US and across the globe, triggering the team to focus their efforts on global growth, including opening an office in London, England earlier this year. Experiencing such phenomenal growth has put demands on the technology to be not only flexible but, most importantly, support global demand.

Steve Finch, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at DaXtra Technologies Inc., adds, “Talent Rover has shaken up the market, providing the global $420 billion staffing industry with an innovative and agile solution. Its staffing solution is gaining such traction because the offering is brand new to the industry. Through this complementary partnership, DaXtra has strengthened Talent Rover’s pioneering offering and now provides an integral part of its end-to-end staffing software.” Metcalf concludes, “We anticipate continued rapid growth for Talent Rover and our work with DaXtra will play a vital role in our engagements with prospects and customers. As the business scales dramatically over the next few years, DaXtra’s flexibility and multilingual functionality will aid our development into a truly global brand.”

About DaXtrahttp://www.daxtra.com/ Headquartered in the UK with offices in the US and Asia Pacific (APAC), DaXtra Technologies Inc. is a specialist in highly accurate, multilingual CV/Resume and Job parsing, as well as semantic CV/Resume search technologies. DaXtra provides federated and aggregated metadata searching products and components that integrate seamlessly with incumbent recruitment databases.

For a decade DaXtra Technologies Inc. has provided international clients with the competitive edge in their challenge to source and quickly engage with the best available job candidates.

DaXtra’s Recruitment Technology is designed to significantly reduce the time and cost to recruit, as well as improve the quality of candidates an organisation attracts.

Over 400 organizations, spanning all continents, use DaXtra technology – from the world’s largest recruitment companies to boutique recruiters, corporate recruitment departments, job boards and software vendors.

DaXtra’s technology includes: DaXtra Capture: Automate routine administration tasks such as CV/Resume acquisition and processing, as well as duplication, updates and data-entry on an existing database. DaXtra Capture integrates with a database to unify local and online resourcing.

DaXtra Search: Get candidates onto a database in seconds! A highly innovative search and matching solution that ensures a business finds the right candidates intuitively across online sources or in an existing candidate database.

DaXtra Parser: Highly accurate, multilingual CV and job order extraction (parsing) component for processing free-format CV’s and vacancies, converting them into accurately structured and categorised XML information.

DaXtra’s technology provides recruiters with the ability to find relevant information quickly, from in-house databases and online recruitment channels, regardless of industry, location or company size.

About Talent Roverhttp://talentrover.com/ Launched in 2012 in San Francisco, Talent Rover is the intuitive, fully integrated, cloud-based software solution exclusively built for the staffing and recruiting professional. Built on the reliable and secure force.com platform by Salesforce, Talent Rover integrates mobility, social media, customer relationship management (CRM), applicant tracking (ATS), human resource and benefits management (HRIS), back office and analytics for a singular, adaptable solution. It also allows global management of employment regulation. Talent Rover users analyze, evaluate and measure information in a more streamlined and flexible manner to achieve greater levels of efficiency, faster time to placement and increased revenue. With low risk and minimal investment, Talent Rover is the most competitive solution in the market today.