Efficient Forms, LLC Announces the Addition of Automated Allstate Benefits Enrollment to its EHX Onboarding Solution

Efficient Hire EHX/WOTC is quickly becoming the industry’s standard solution for onboarding employees as well as WOTC screening and processing. We are very pleased to include enrollment for Allstate Benefits in EHX/WOTC. The addition of voluntary benefits enrollment inside of the interactive onboarding solution, really makes it easy for new employees to obtain these essential benefits.” – David Kenney, CEO of Efficient Forms, LLC

Efficient Hire EHX/WOTC automates the new hire employee onboarding process and tax credit screening/processing. Efficient Hire uses a custom question and answer process built around the staffing firms requirements to gather all necessary information and then completes the required new hire paperwork. For example, EHX automates the completion of all a companys terms, conditions, policies, procedures, direct deposit, employee information, I-9, W-4, State 4s, voluntary benefits enrollment and so forth.

With the optional inclusion of Efficient WOTC, a company can ensure that they are capturing all of the eligible candidates for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit. Using the plain English questions of Efficient WOTC during the hiring process, the 8850 and 9061 are completed in good order every time. A firm can choose to use Efficient Hire to process their tax credits or do it on their own using the built in tools in Efficient Hire to manage the entire process and build the actual credit.

About Efficient Forms, LLC and Efficient Hire EHX/WOTC

Founded in 2004, Efficient Forms, LLC is a privately-held Colorado company that specializes in automated electronic solutions for dynamic and cost-effective forms completion, data collection, and process workflow. Its Transaction Origination Platform powers the company’s various industry leading SaaS services by allowing its customers to capture data for multiple forms by using an online one-time-entry “interview.” Its market leading solutions, Efficient Hire and Efficient WOTC, automate the new hire onboarding process for all types of employers.