Transfac Capital Opens $2 Million Line for Staffing Firm

Transfac Capital, Inc., a specialty finance company providing accounts receivable financing to small and mid-sized companies, today announced the payroll financing of a multi-location staffing firm based in Georgia.

Financing the staffing industry is not new to Transfac Capital. With over eight locations nationwide, Transfac has been funding staffing company invoices for years.

Mari Dezham, Account Executive Manager of Transfac Capital, stated, “We’ve financed several staffing agencies throughout the years and are very familiar with their payroll challenges. This particular company has 13 locations, each of which generate a large number of invoices. Due to the high volume of invoices, it was obvious that smaller factoring companies didn’t have the resources to handle this account quickly and efficiently. We have appointed an account executive whose sole focus is this account, which is exactly the type of service we believe our customers deserve. With our newest client, we opened a line of credit at $2 Million and the first funding was close to $1 Million, which allowed for them to continue business without interruption.

 “When these large staffing companies, or even the smaller ones for that matter, send out their invoices, they don’t always collect payment in time to be able to make payroll. We provide a seamless, simple solution to this problem by covering those expenses and collecting the invoices for them,” said Dezham.

 With locations in Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Diego, St. Louis, Louisiana, North Dakota and Ohio, Transfac Capital is earning distinction as a leader in invoice financing solutions for small to medium-size businesses.

If your staffing agency or firm has been challenged to meet payroll, call Transfac Capital at 800-458-6056 or go to

 About Transfac Capital, Inc.

Transfac Capital, Inc. has financed business since 1942. With over 10 locations nationwide and growing, coupled with its team’s experience owning and operating companies in the oilfield, staffing and transportation industries, Transfac Capital has become one of the leading factoring and financial business solutions companies in the industry. Transfac Capital offers competitive services in invoice factoring, account receivable management, account receivable financing, inventory financing, purchase order factoring and a fuel card program.

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