LeoForce Debuts Industry’s First Recruiting Robot

LeoForce to Debut Recruiting Robot at Staffing World 2013. In a world where a dark knight uses gadgets to rid Gotham of evil and an iron man wields a suit of armor, it only makes sense that a super recruiter would employ a little hi-tech help to battle the pain and suffering of finding and placing the right candidates.
LeoForce, the Recruiting RoboticsTM software company, announces general availability of LeoForce v1.0, the industry’s first recruiting robot for staffing companies and in-house recruiting teams who spend the bulk of their time searching for talent, but want more time to engage. “LeoForce’s recruiting robot, Arya, finds talent through intelligence that actually learns from your best recruiters, remembers and repeats success,” says Madhu Modugu, LeoForce founder and CTO. “That means recruiters can spend less time sifting through the “no’s” and more time on relationships and revenue.”Although LeoForce automates sourcing, applicant tracking and social recruiting, the star of LeoForce is AryaTM the recruiting robot. LeoForce Arya tracks, records and repeats recruiters’ behavioral patterns that lead to placements. LeoForce Arya also can perform portions of the recruiting process – such as initial qualification and collaboration – without the recruiter needing to be involved.

“Most of the few, new entrants into the recruitment software space in the past couple of years have been technology upgrades of traditional ATS models,” observes Andrew Karpie, chief analyst at The Research Platform and affiliate analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA). “LeoForce, however, seems to be bringing some serious innovation to this software segment. The algorithmic capability to gather behavioral metadata about what the most successful recruiters do is already innovative. The capability to use what is learned (and convert that into recruitment processes that can be executed via robot) takes the innovation even further.”

By weighing key data like sourcing criteria, internal data (what worked before, user-provided information and that from your own talent database) and external data from search engines, LinkedIn, job boards and the open Web. Then, LeoForce dynamically prioritizes search criteria until it reaches the desired outcome.

While Arya is at work, LeoForce collects and analyzes a tremendous amount of data that would otherwise be retained only at the hand of the recruiter. LeoForce’s talent database ensures you can protect valuable proprietary information in spite of turnover and maximize your use of paid job portals. Other significant features include applicant collaboration and social recruiting. LeoForce’s applicant collaboration gauges candidate interest and handles initial screening via email and text message. LeoForce’s social recruiting provides users the ability to post jobs in one-click to social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, significantly extending a company’s ability to find talent and generate awareness.

“I’ve been both a participant and observer of the recruiting space for longer than I care to admit, but a talent acquisition application that could actually learn and adapt to its findings would be a game changer,” says Gerry Crispin, a self-described life-long student of recruiting and a co-founder of CareerXRoads, a recruiting consultancy begun in 1996.

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