erecruit Re-imagines Candidate Sourcing

Integration of DaXtra Search™ within erecruit Optimizes Scheduled and Real-time Candidate Sourcing

erecruit, the emerging leader in enterprise staffing software, today announced it has integrated DaXtra Search™ within its enterprise software platform for large staffing firms.  The integration gives recruiters a modern, seamless sourcing experience to find, match and place candidates faster than their competitors.

The current way staffing and recruiting software providers integrate with resume sourcing technologies create inefficient, multistep processes that are hard to follow, don’t deliver the search results expected and cause big data integrity problems over time.  Historically these integrations have done an inadequate job to help staffing firms search both internal and external resume sources at once, import mass quantities of resumes and manage duplicates efficiently.  With erecruit’s integration of DaXtra Search directly within its enterprise staffing software, recruiters experience a seamless way to source, match and place the best talent within a single user interface while solving the historic problems that have plagued recruiters for years.

Candidate Sourcing Re-imagined
Working closely with customers and prospects to reinvent candidate search aggregation, erecruit has used DaXtra’s development API to integrate its search technology from the ground up to materially impact recruiter productivity.  Key features of the integration include:

  • Seamless Sourcing Experience: unifies candidate search results on one screen within erecruit from both internal and 175+ external job board and social network sources.
  • Simple & Advanced Job Board Search: gives recruiters a quick and easy way to enter criteria on one screen to search erecruit and all boards at once, as well as the ability to drill down and use specific search filters provided by the most popular boards including CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed, and Monster.
  • Real-time & Scheduled Search: search instantly or run overnight and automatically download results within erecruit faster, with no intermediary steps, so recruiters can take action immediately each morning directly from their dashboard.
  • Proactive Alerts: configure dashboard alerts, email notifications and automated tasks for both new candidate results as well as when existing candidates within erecruit update their resumes online.
  • Faceted Search: save time by drilling down quickly on candidate search results with dynamic skill filters.
  • Semantic Matching: automatically matches and priority ranks candidates with job openings based on a customer’s configured algorithm.
  • Intelligent Duplicate Identification: easily view potential duplicates and configure custom rules and workflows to manage with ease.
  • Sourcing Business Intelligence: understand trends and sources that generate superior ROI.
  • Administrative Control: manage user permissions, set search limits and configure custom workflow, alerts and notifications directly within erecruit for maximum productivity.

Comments on the News

“We are excited to integrate DaXtra Search within erecruit and take the online resume sourcing experience to a completely new level,” said Igor Belagorudsky, VP of Development, erecruit.  “By utilizing their API, we have been able to build functionality around the external resume search process that truly makes recruiters more productive within erecruit.  Internal and external results displayed on the same screen, options for automatic downloading of resumes, intelligent duplicate workflows, dynamic skill filters, and proactive dashboard alerts are just a few of the features that will help our users source and match the best talent faster than their competitors.”

“This is an unprecedented approach to integrating our technology,” said Steve Finch, CEO of DaXtra, Inc.  “erecruit is the first to utilize our API to embed DaXtra’s search technology in such a way as to develop value added features around our sourcing technology that makes recruiters more efficient.  Their team has been easy to work with and passionate about the quality of the outcome which shows in the integration of DaXtra Search within erecruit.”

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