Employment Management Services, LLC Streamlines Business Processes with the NOVAtime 4000 Time and Attendance / Workforce Management System

NOVAtime Technology, Inc. (http://www.novatime.com), a leading provider of enterprise Time and Attendance / Workforce Management solutions, announced that Employment Management Services, LLC (http://www.empmgtservices.com) has significantly increased their productivity by utilizing the NOVAtime 4000 Time and Attendance / Workforce Management Solution.

Employment Management Services, LLC (EMS) is an employee management company that provides payroll, human resources, employee benefits, and worker’s compensation services. Through EMS’s comprehensive approach to managing human resources, liability is decreased, administration is streamlined, and employee productivity is optimized. EMS proudly serves the San Antonio and Central Texas area, meeting all businesses’ Professional Employer Organization (PEO) needs.

NOVAtime 4000 is a fully-integrated real-time system that is complete with time, attendance, scheduling, accrual, leave, reporting, and expense features and functionality. EMS utilizes the NOVAtime 4000 time and attendance solution to help manage its 350 employee and 36 supervisor workforce across 17 locations. Employees perform time punches through a computer with internet connectivity and a standard web browser, requiring no additional hardware or software. Hours worked are tracked and automatically and immediately uploaded to the main database for real-time display of information. Elizabeth Knight, Payroll Manager at EMS, states that, “the system and punches keep an accurate record of hours worked.” EMS’s supervisors utilize the NOVAtime 4000 timekeeping system to monitor their employees’ time at work, and to make sure employees are paid accordingly. Ms. Knight affirms, “The system is very user-friendly. It has been instrumental in keeping hours worked accurate, as well as deductions and earnings of other kinds.” Indeed, the NOVAtime 4000 Workforce Management solution is mostly parameter-driven and fully configurable, and supports an unlimited amount of pay codes that can be assigned to employee hours or pay rules.

When asked, Ms. Knight indicated that “the best feature of NOVAtime 4000 is the ease of exporting hours.” The system enables all time tracked to be exported to EMS’s payroll system, MPAY, Inc.’s Payentry.com, without double entry. It saves countless hours every payroll process.

NOVAtime not only offers a powerful and complete system – it also provides outstanding customer service. Pacific Time Systems, an authorized NOVAtime reseller, performed the implementation for EMS. Because all support representatives go through comprehensive and thorough training, customers are ensured the best possible service to quickly resolve any possible issues. Ms. Knight praised Pacific Time Systems, “I am very pleased. I am always able to reach a rep and they are consistently courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful.” NOVAtime provides workforce management solutions to meet the needs of any business. NOVAtime has provided services to over 10,000 organizations across direct and reseller channels, with staff sizes ranging from fewer than 100 to more than 80,000 employees, making it a perfect choice for companies of any and all sizes. “We chose to implement the system because of NOVAtime’s good reputation,” Ms. Knight explains. “NOVAtime has everything a company may need in a time keeping system.”