JobDiva Awarded U.S. Patent for Resume Composition Technology

Today JobDiva Inc.® (, the proven technology leader in the staffing industry, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued another patent for its resume management and workflow system and methodology.

U.S. Patent Number 8,595,149, which was originally filed in 2003, was recently awarded to Diya Obeid, JobDiva founder and Chief Executive Officer, as inventor of the unique methodology that drives JobDiva.

“When everyone was focused on screening the candidates, JobDiva focused on helping the candidates present themselves more effectively to the market and to the hiring managers,” Obeid said.

Obeid’s patented innovations, which are integral features of JobDiva, have garnered appreciation for their effectiveness for both candidates, as well as JobDiva clients.

“JobDiva has been a tremendous resource to me as a Technical Recruiter,” said Gary Taiste, Technical Recruiter, TalentBurst Inc. “JobDiva has enabled me to increase my submittals rates. With JobDiva, I am able to more quickly identify the right candidates and deliver those candidates faster to our clients. JobDiva increases my speed, which is what this business is all about, identifying the right candidate and delivering quality candidates faster than anyone else.”

With candidates relying more and more on digital means to market their skills and experiences, JobDiva’s unique capabilities are increasingly beneficial in helping them make the right first impression.

About JobDiva Inc.®

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