25 Firms Choose Top Echelon’s Big Biller Recruitment Software in December

Big Biller recruitment software for applicant tracking continues to experience growth in the recruiting and staffing industry.

By offering a powerful, easy-to-use software at an affordable price, the applicant tracking system boosted its customer base again last month. In fact, a total of 25 recruiting firms made Big Biller their recruitment software of choice and became customers during the month of December, including five firms in the state of Texas.

NEW CUSTOMERS IN DECEMBER: Below is a complete breakdown of the 25 recruiting firms that became Big Biller customers during the month of December (including firm name and location):    •  Affinity Staffing and Development in Evansville, Indiana    •  Alava Consulting in League City, Texas    •  Applus Velosi in Houston, Texas    •  ATC Experts in Allen, Texas    •  Brightwell Talent Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia    •  Forwarding Talent in Simpsonville, South Carolina    •  Franklin Professional Associates in Leominster, Massachusetts    •  Goliath Construction Consulting in Palm Harbor, Florida    •  H.E.A.T. Resources STAT Med Recruiting in Richmond, Virginia    •  HGI in Marietta, Georgia    •  Judd and Kessler Search in Greenville, South Carolina    •  KB & Associates in Olathe, Kansas    •  Keller Group Consulting in Plano, Texas    •  Leading Healthy Futures in Chicago, Illinois    •  Michael Williams in Lawrenceville, Georgia    •  MTI in Clinton, Maryland    •  Outsourced Personnel Services, LLC in Pasadena, Texas    •  Park Recruiting in Los Angeles, California    •  Questio Qualitas in Holiday Hills, Illinois    •  Savory Staffing in Francesville, Indiana    •  Select Temp Staffing in Beverly Hills, California    •  Sharon Raymond Recruiting in Hamburg, New York    •  Targeted Talent in Little Silver, New Jersey    •  Techpros in Newton, Massachusetts    •  The Taunton Group, LLC in Taunton, Massachusetts QUOTABLE: “Big Biller consistently added over 20 new recruiting firms as customers per month throughout all of 2013,” said Top Echelon President Mark Demaree. “As a result of that growth, we recently passed a couple of milestones. However, we have our sights set on not only continuing to grow, but also on continuing to serve the needs of our customers in every way possible and enhancing the software in all aspects.” ABOUT BIG BILLER RECRUITMENT SOFTWARE: Big Biller is referred to in many ways . . . as recruiter software, an applicant tracking system (ATS), or applicant tracking software. Simply put, Big Biller is a powerful recruitment software package that helps recruiters manage the relationships they have with their candidates and clients, all with one purpose and focus—making more placements.

Big Biller is a product of Top Echelon, a company dedicated to helping recruiters make more placements.