Medical Disposables Announces Release of New Drug Adulteration Test Kits with the Highest Amount of Adulterants, Available Online

Medical Disposables expands its line of FDA 510K approved drug adulteration test kits with the highest amount of adulterants available.

Medical Disposables responds to the overwhelming demand for drug test integrity.

Medical Disposables launched initiatives this month to expand the company’s line of products to include FDA 510K-approved multi-panel drug tests with the highest amount of adulterants. This new product was released in response to the increased demand for drug testing integrity across many industries.

“During the past two years, we have researched all around the world for the best providers of high quality components needed to create reliable and precise drug screens,” said Ralph Hernandez, president and CEO of Medical Disposables. “We have listened to the needs of this market, the challenges and changing trends with the use of new synthetic drugs and how this affects our world and communities. With these new products, we expect to be the answer for those needs.”

Medical Disposables sells some of the most advanced onsite and home drug tests, used in thousands of workplaces, staffing agencies, correctional facilities, clinical settings and rehabilitation facilities. As demand for drug test integrity grows, Medical Disposables is committed to meeting the needs of their customer base by offering products that save consumers money without jeopardizing quality.

Various industries need accurate drug tests, but most of the market currently assess with only three adulterants, risking the integrity of the results. With the rising need for drug test veracity tied to testing for welfare and random drug testing at schools and workplaces, Medical Disposables makes it easy to find high quality drug tests that are 99 percent accurate at discounted prices. With the addition of the MD DrugScreen with 6 Adulterants as well as the MD SalivaScreen for forensic use only, the Medical Disposables product line now caters to a broader market.

These products will help the staffing industry, correctional, judicial and other markets to provide solutions in their drug screens program and dramatically reduce costs compared with other manufacturers.

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Medical Disposables provides a full line of testing products for drugs, alcohol, nicotine, pregnancy, infectious disease and more via its online store at ( Medical Disposables maintains strong relationships with FDA approved manufacturers and staffing associations to guarantee it can continue to provide top products at competitive prices. The company is committed to providing quality products at prices that are superior to the competition.

Ralph Hernandez
Medical Disposables