BrightMove Offers Bullhorn, Sendouts and Maxhire Alternative with No-Cost Migration and Service Options

BrightMove, a leading provider of on-demand recruiting software for staffing firms, outsourcing providers and corporate HR departments, today announced that it is offering free conversion options for companies looking to migrate from Bullhorn, Sendouts and Maxhire.

2014 is the year for organizations to fully recognize that their talent is their most important asset. In fact, CEOs consider human capital as their top challenge in 2014. Companies need the right tools in place in order to become talent magnets to attract and retain skilled workers. But for many companies, the prospect of switching from one recruiting system (even one that no longer fits their needs) to another is daunting.

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare, though. BrightMove is extending a limited-time offer for companies looking to convert from Bullhorn, Sendouts or Maxhire – free conversion to BrightMove and up to 6 months free while they see out their current contract. This may come just in time for Sendouts and Maxhire customers who are feeling the pressure to convert to Bullhorn, but may not want to. On top of these huge upfront incentives, these companies will also gain access to BrightMove’s cutting-edge functionality, including:

•           Access to over 1000 resume sources with every license

•          Posting to most major job sites

•          Direct access to LinkedIn and Facebook searching inside the core platform

•          Complete support for Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome on any operating system

•          Real-time web-based calendaring integration with Exchange and Outlook

“We wanted to offer companies more options than a forced migration to a platform that doesn’t meet their needs,” said Michael Brandt, Chief Operating Officer at BrightMove. “We firmly believe every organization should have access to the tools they need to remain successful without a huge financial hardship.”

About BrightMove

BrightMove, Inc. ( is a leading provider of on-demand recruiting software for staffing, recruitment outsourcing (RPO) and corporate HR. Founded in 2005, BrightMove’s 100% SaaS platform helps clients find the right talent for the right positions at the right time. The company’s innovative brand of recruiting software has quickly become a system of choice for staffing and HR professionals seeking cutting-edge tools designed to help them get an edge in an increasingly dynamic job market.