Offers to Buy Clients Stuck on IE7 a New Computer

Today, LLC ( is unveiling a new nurse job board aimed at bringing modern technology solutions to healthcare recruiting. During the development process, the decision to discontinue support for Internet Explorer 7 was made, due to its lacking support for modern web technologies. “We knew that some of our clients were still using IE7 but really couldn’t justify doing all the work necessary to support that browser,” said company founder and CEO, Robert Gentel. “I thought that at some point it must become cheaper to buy the last of our clients who are still on IE7 new computers than to pay the ‘Internet Explorer tax’. After running the numbers, that’s how we decided to approach our ‘IE7 problem’.”

“When Robert proposed that we buy all of our clients stuck on IE7 new computers, I thought it sounded crazy,” said Brian Messerschmidt, Vice President of “However, it began to make sense the more we thought about it. Fewer than 2% of our customers still use IE7 and to be the best job board we can be we just have to leave IE7 behind or commit to spending enormous amounts of time on workarounds for it. We realized that it really would be cheaper to just buy our clients who are stuck on IE7 new computers with modern browsers than to continue to support a browser from 2006 in 2014.” expects few customers to be impacted by the decision but welcomes those who are to contact their representative to claim their new computers.

About was founded by a small group of individuals who previously held key positions in the supplemental nurse staffing industry. Frustrated with low-tech solutions to problems in healthcare recruiting, they decided to make a nursing job board better suited to modern nurse recruiting needs. With, employers can connect with candidates from any modern device and reach nurses on increasingly mobile mediums.

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