MedMasters Releases Employer Profile Membership Category

MedMasters’ new employer profile memberships are advantageous for companies’ talent recruitment as well as for job seekers.

MedMasters announced it has released an Employer Profile category to allow for multiple user licenses under a single organization.

Its new Employer Profile category now allows any type of medical entity such as hospitals, device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, staffing companies, solutions companies and health clinics to set up a company profile, advertise their firm, and be listed in MedMasters’ employer directory. “We also made the employer directory searchable,” says MedMasters CEO and founder, Rick Fromme. Members can select and search specific parameters based on what type of organization they’re looking for. The employer profile page allows entities to advertise their brand and what it has to offer the medical community in terms of careers.

“The employer profile allows for better talent acquisition management by allowing five or more key users,” explains Fromme. “Since larger companies usually have several talent acquisition specialists who work together as a team, we felt it would be advantageous to allow them to add additional user licenses for their organization. This allows them to more easily collaborate, track and manage their job listings and job searches.”

An “administrator” — someone who initiates the membership on MedMasters’ site on behalf of an organization — can set up the organization’s profile page with a company logo and requisite information, and then add up to five users from their company to join MedMasters under their entity’s membership listing.

Jobs posted by the organization are not only shown as part of the searchable job listings, but are also posted on the company’s own profile page. “This also provides an added benefit to our job seeking members as they can now search for jobs based on a ‘company employer’ search.”

MedMasters, ( an industry specific, online medical community, combines the power of social networking with its proprietary job search and candidate information features to create the most powerful career management site for health care and medical personnel.

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MedMasters LLC is the most comprehensive professional networking and career management site in the medical community. By combining the best features of social media and professional networking with that of traditional job boards and lead sourcing, we are the natural evolution of the career management and fulfillment process. MedMasters features an easy-to-use interface and multiple tools to make connecting easy. MedMasters serves a wide range of health care-related personnel such as medical sales representatives, hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, medical providers, clinicians, allied health care professionals, health care IT professionals, medical employers, distributors and recruiters.

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