Glassdoor goes mobile, expands headquarters

Glassdoor is moving its services into the mobile realm, where jobs and employees are increasingly sought.

“We have 250 employees now and will have 300 by end of year,” said Scott Dobroski, senior manager of corporate communications.

Seven-year-old Glassdoor ( offers members the latest job listings, as well as access to proprietary user-generated content including company-specific salary reports, CEO approval ratings and interview questions.

About 1,500 employers also use Glassdoor to support their employment branding and recruiting efforts.

“A good 40 percent of our users are now on mobile devices; soon it’ll be over 50 percent,” said Mr. Dobroski. mobile mobile

“Also, Google is featuring us along with several other selected sites in a special search feature that allows you to be transferred directly to our website if you want to drill down. It bypasses the usual desktop limitations,” he said.

A recent survey by Robert Half Technology showed that Glassdoor is on the right track. Over 50 percent of Americans now use smart phones and 70 percent of companies use some type of mobile technology.

“Companies that don’t have a mobile strategy are in the minority,”said Dakin Gunn, director of permanent placement services for Robert Half Technology in San Francisco ( “The numbers show how important it is to develop one.”

Staffing companies especially are taking advantage of job-searching on the fly, a new phenomenon that arose with the use of smart phones, he said.

Robert Half itself has apps for both the android and iPhone.

“Salaries are soaring for mobile app developers, another sign that underscores the importance of the trend,” said Mr. Gunn.

According to the 2014 Robert Half Technology Salary guide, Bay Area mobile app developers are earning $135,500-$195,120, about $30,000 above the national average.

Meanwhile, Glassdoor’s revenues are up 135 percent over the past three years. Its roster of employer subscribers doubled during the last six months.

“They’re starting to realize they can’t ignore us,” said Allyson Willoughby, Glassdoor senior vice president of people and general counsel. “With 22 million users and 300,000 company profiles on the site we’ve become integral to the job search experience and employers need to become part of it.”


Although its original users tended toward the techie, Glassdoor now serves a cross section of the job market, she said, including retailers, seasonal workers, and large financial institutions.


“So far most of business is here in the U.S. But when we do go international we’ll be very well positioned,” said Ms. Willoughby.