IPEO Solutions Announces the Release of a New Video Designed to Help Companies Answer the Question ‘What is a PEO?’

iPEO Solutions (http://iPEOsolutions.com) is releasing a series of straight-forward video presentations designed to help small- and mid-sized firms decide if outsourcing to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) will help make them more successful. The first video is titled “What is a PEO?”

More executives are pondering whether or not to outsource certain non-core services to a Professional Employer Organization, but some wonder how to start having that conversation with their staff. That’s why iPEO Solutions (http://iPEOsolutions.com) has announced the launch of a series of thoughtful FAQ videos. The first succinctly answers the question: “What is a PEO?”

iPEO Solutions can help make it easy for small- and mid-sized firms to find the right Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to fit their needs.

“In today’s highly competitive markets, businesses need to be as cost-effective as possible,” said Michael A. Ortoll, CEO and Founder of iPEO Solutions. “That’s why more companies are outsourcing their employment-related functions to a Professional Employer Organization.”

iPEO helps minimize organizational pain so entrepreneurs can concentrate on the vision that motivated them to start a business in the first place. According to the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, (NAPEO), “Approximately 150,000 small and mid-sized businesses and 3 million people are part of PEO arrangements”—and that number is increasing.

“What is a PEO?” is short video—featuring iPEO’s Ortoll—that a savvy executive can use to initiate a conversation that every small and mid-size business should have: What non-core administrative roles can be outsourced so that core functions can be made more productive.

The video is available at http://www.ipeosolutions.com/q-a-videos.html

iPEO Solutions specializes in working with Private Equity portfolio firms, Associations, Franchises, Real Estate/Property Management, Healthcare (Senior Housing), Construction, Hospitality and Transportation.

“Our expertise in these areas allow us to provide the best possible vendor,” Ortoll said, adding that iPEO Solutions makes it easy for small- and mid-sized companies to find the right provider and access important benefits, such as:

  • Improved cash flow via pay-as-you-go Workers Comp and improved claims, and safety service;
  • Transfer and mitigation of employment liability;
  • Fortune 500 benefit coverage, at an affordable price; and,
  • Advanced software systems like Oracle, Lawson, Workday, and PeopleSoft used by PEOs to create customized solutions that were previously out of reach for small to mid-size companies.

“Outsourcing to a Professional Employer Organization allows companies to leverage a PEO’s world-class technology and personnel,” Ortoll concluded. “We evaluate the options and recommend the best PEO for a business. In addition, we oversee the customized onboarding and enrollment services to make the transition to a PEO a success.”

Ortoll, a Florida State University graduate and Miami native with strong ties to the Cuban/Hispanic community, is a seasoned insurance specialist with 25-plus years as an industry executive. His experience, technical knowledge and professional relationships make him one of the PEO industry’s leading dealmakers.

“Most people invest in the services of a PEO to thwart some level of pain,” Ortoll said. That pain results from a variety of reasons, including issues like Workers Comp/Risk Management, Employee Benefits, HR and Payroll.

“iPEO Solutions tailors PEO solutions producing the greatest value for its clients,” said Ortoll. “For example, the best fit may be workers comp accompanied by improved risk management services, payroll processing and a tax-reporting solution reducing the administrative burden on staff.”

iPEO Solutions helps companies select the right PEO through a proven step-by-step process, Ortoll said:

“We meet with decision-makers to determine business needs in order to identify areas for potential savings and improvements.”

“We submit a proposal based on a company’s specific needs to qualified PEO vendors.”

“We evaluate the options and recommend the best PEO for a business . . .”

“Finally, we monitor the deliverables, ensuring clients receive the expected service.”

For more information about choosing a Professional Employer Organization, call 1 (813) 220-3132 or visit the iPEO Solutions website at http://iPEOsolutions.com — also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/iPEOsolutions.

ABOUT: iPEO Solutions is an independent broker and single-source co-employment solution that works with the industry’s best Professional Employer Organizations, ensuring that each meets the following requirements: A-rated insurance carriers, leading technology, experienced and stable management teams, strong financials, a history of success and qualified internal personnel in all service areas