Business intelligence firm InsightSquared moving to bigger Cambridge headquarters

Fueled by growth in business intelligence products, Cambridge-based InsightSquared is moving its headquarters to Kendall Square within the next month, said CEO Fred Shilmover.

The company’s recent growth is attributed to its business intelligence product that helps sales teams glean useful data and analytics from San Francisco-based cloud computing firm (NYSE: CRM).

InsightSquared, founded in 2011, will more than double its work space and move from Cambridgeport to a 16,000 square-foot office space in Kendall Square this spring.

InsightSquared currently has about 75 employees, up from just under 20 two years ago, and plans to hire many more this year.

“We’re going to accelerate that rate of growth, if anything,” Shilmover said in an interview.

The company’s Salesforce analytics product allows sales teams and sales executives to see whether they’re on track to meet financial goals and figure out areas they could be doing better, he said.

InsightSquared’s customers include Boston-based enterprise app firm Apperian and Tennessee-based staffing firm Vertek Solutions.

InsightSquared aims to roll out products in the future to provide that same level of business intelligence to all types of executives in various industries, ranging from CEOs of financial companies to vice presidents of engineering, Shilmover said.

“The CEO wants that same, real-time access to information that you get with InsightSquared for,” he said.

That information includes being able to find out how much cash a company has in the bank and where the company’s trending, without having to ask a CFO or other finance employee, Shilmover said.

To date, InsightSquared has raised $13.5 million in venture capital from investors including Cambridge-based Atlas Venture and Boston-based NextView Ventures.

Shilmover declined to divulge revenue specifics but said last year the company experienced significant growth.

“Business has been growing really well, sales growth has been tremendous and we’ve got plenty of cash in the bank,” he said.