New Whitepaper “The Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote Workers” Details How to Bring In Great Virtual Talent

Spark Hire (, the leading online video interviewing platform, has launched a new whitepaper discussing the rise in popularity of remote workers. The free to download whitepaper entitled, “The Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote Workers“, equips staffing pros with tips for ensuring that they are presenting top-notch virtual talent to their clients.

A study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management determined that 63% of companies allowed employees to occasionally work from home in 2012. Another study found that, currently, 34 million Americans frequently work from home. This number is projected to increase with estimates of 63 million Americans working from home by the year 2016. The whitepaper identifies the benefits companies experience when allowing employees to work from home even just part-time and details strategies that staffing pros should implement into their recruiting process for finding and connecting with virtual candidates their clients will love.

Staffing pros are also advised to utilize social media and video interviewing technology to more closely evaluate virtual talent. Candidates’ social media profiles can provide recruiters with insight into not only their personality, but also how they use technology to communicate – a critical skill for any virtual worker. Recruiters can also use social media to get to know virtual candidates better and expand their talent pipeline. One-way video interviews, where candidates answer questions in short videos, can be especially useful for connecting personally with a candidate to get a feel for their communication skills, personality, fit, and drive. Furthermore, video interviews allow staffing pros to conveniently and efficiently interview great talent, who may live far away, while saving money.

“Finding the right virtual workers for staffing clients can seem like a daunting task,” says Josh Tolan, CEO of Spark Hire. “However, the strategies detailed in this whitepaper can help to simplify the recruiting process so that attracting highly-trained virtual workers is easier than ever.”

Download Spark Hire’s new whitepaper, “The Virtual Workforce Forecast: 5 Ways To Hire Better Remote Workers”, to start connecting with amazing virtual talent that will help grow your client’s business!

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