Bullhorn and LinkedIn Team Up to Streamline the Recruiter Workflow

Bullhorn®, the global leader in recruiting software, today announced the integration of the Bullhorn applicant tracking system and customer relationship management system (ATS and CRM) withLinkedIn Recruiter. This is a huge productivity enhancement for users of the Bullhorn ATS and CRM and LinkedIn Recruiter as it enables them to work inside Bullhorn uninterrupted while reaping the functional benefits of LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn, which operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, recently surpassed 300 million members worldwide. Bullhorn is the first staffing-specific ATS and CRM product with which LinkedIn has chosen to integrate, testament to Bullhorn’s large share of the recruiting agency market and leadership in the recruiting software space.

The API-based integration will enable users of the Bullhorn ATS and CRM who also use LinkedIn Recruiter to view candidates’ or clients’ LinkedIn records within Bullhorn. While in LinkedIn Recruiter, users will also be able to see if the profile they’re viewing has a contact record in Bullhorn, via an “In Bullhorn” badge. The LinkedIn record will display the link to the Bullhorn record. Users will be able to click through the badge to view the record in Bullhorn, streamlining the workflow between the Bullhorn ATS/CRM product and LinkedIn Recruiter platform, reducing the need to shuffle from window to window, and improving user productivity.

The Bullhorn and LinkedIn integration is extremely valuable because it allows recruiters to take advantage of two different data sets: the data in a Bullhorn record, which is supplied by the agency user, and the data in LinkedIn, which is continually updated by the candidate. By merging these two data sets, the combined offering delivers the most up-to-date central repository of information on a client or candidate.

In the future, the integration between the Bullhorn ATS and CRM and LinkedIn Recruiter will include bulk linking capability. Additionally, in the future, any InMails and Notes sent through LinkedIn will be visible in the Bullhorn ATS and CRM and appended to a candidate or client’s Bullhorn record – a huge productivity enhancement that further improves the quality of an agency’s applicant database.

“This integration is great news for Bullhorn users,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn. “Both LinkedIn and Bullhorn know that recruiter speed and productivity is absolutely paramount to agency success. The more time recruiters spend in the Bullhorn ATS/CRM, working productively, the better it is for them, their agency, their candidates, and their clients. The integration between LinkedIn Recruiter and Bullhorn enables users to reap the benefits of LinkedIn’s record quality and accuracy from directly within the Bullhorn ATS/CRM, which in turn improves the quality of data in their ATS records to help them make the right placements faster – a win-win for their entire agency.”

“Thousands of firms worldwide choose LinkedIn to help them find the right candidates for their clients,” said James Volpentest, LinkedIn’s senior director of search and staffing sales for North America. “We are very excited about our integration with Bullhorn as it will ensure our executive search and staffing customers are getting the most value from their LinkedIn Recruiter investment.”

Bullhorn will be demoing the LinkedIn Recruiter integration at its annual user conference, Bullhorn Live, taking place June 18-20, 2014. For more information on Bullhorn Live, please visit:http://www.bullhorn.com/Bullhorn-Live?LS=Public_Relations


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Vinda Souza

Senior Marketing Manager, Bullhorn