LEM Products, Inc., Introduces Arc Flash Labels That Help Prevent Unnecessary Injuries and Enact Corporate Responsibility

Facilities that may not be compliant or safe from Arc Flash hazards can use LEM Products, Inc. for their Arc Flash labels. Arc Flash labels will help facilities prevent accidents and hefty OSHA fines.

In any facilities, proper safety signage is critical for success. Extreme conditions from Arc Flashes, which can reach to as much as 35,000F, can pose risks of extreme burns and other related injuries caused by associated potential blast conditions from rapidly-heated air pressure.

An Arc Flash, after being identified, should be marked with the appropriate warning label. This is to create an electrically-safe work condition, according to NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. LEM arc flash labels are efficient in properly identifying equipment and components, in case of potential arc flash hazards. They are important for eliminating workplace confusion, so a safe and code-compliant workplace is enforced. Each LEM arc flash label utilizes the ANSI standard heading. This is done to incorporate a clear signal warning text on a brightly-colored background. The heading includes a universal symbol and easy-to-read descriptive text, which is available in multiple language formats.

According to the latest NEC standard, Article 110.16 Flash Protection, Motor Control Centers, Control Panels, Power Boards, and Switchboards shall be field marked to warn of potential hazards associated with arc flashes. Arc flash labels are to be clearly visible to all before equipment is examined, adjusted or serviced.

Common causes of arc flash injuries include dropping tools and accidental contract with electrical systems. To prevent accidents from occurring, the workplace should be clearly marked with LEM arc flash labels. LEM arc flash labels are currently available in both stock and custom formats.

About LEM Products Inc.
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