Pango Financial Announces Partnership With Convergence Group to Promote Jobs

The U.S. economy is anemic at best and contracted one percent in the first quarter. A repeat performance in the second quarter would trigger an official recession. Pango Financial ( and Convergence Group Inc. ( have teamed up to promote work and defy the trends typically associated with a weak economy.

Candice Caruso, President of Pango Financial and Lisa McKenny a Senior Recruiter in the Staffing Solutions Business at Convergence Group, believe that their combined services will fill a big void in the market.

There are large companies looking for talent on fixed contracts which offer employment up to 4 years. This provides organizations with the advantage to flex headcount and align staff with the duration of a specific project or with changes in revenue. On the other hand, there are those that are self-employed looking for more consistent work without the network to obtain it.

“Our partnership is designed to identify and support those individuals who are unemployed and considering starting their own business and those that are in business but need more steady work,” Caruso said.

Pango Financial provides alternative funding solutions to individuals considering starting their own business while Convergence Group recruits, employs and places subject matter experts with clients in need of specific skills. “Our biggest practice is employing and placing consultants with clients in the pharmaceutical industry,” McKenny said.

Both companies provide their respective services throughout the United States. Inquiries can be made at info(at)whypango(dot)com or info(at)convergencegroup(dot)com.

About Pango Financial LLC & Convergence Group Inc.

Pango Financial is the leader in providing online and on-the-go launch and growth solutions to entrepreneurs and small businesses at the lowest cost without compromising value. The company’s mission is to make its clients business dreams a reality – for less. Its team of experts boasts over 75 years of combined experience in the financial, banking, and marketing industries.

Convergence Group is an international management and analytical consultancy firm specializing in tailored business solutions for clients. The company has been providing staffing solutions for Fortune 500 firms worldwide for more than 20 years—in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to financial services and entertainment. They specialize in providing a full range of staffing solutions—including temporary positions that fill a temporary need, longer-term contract work and even interim management.