Tracker Corp Incorporates Multi-Media Learning Platform into Its I-9 & E-Verify Solution

Tracker Corp, the leading provider of hiring compliance solutions for large employers, today launched a new release of its electronic I-9 and E-Verify product, Tracker I-9 Complete, which includes an integrated multi-media learning platform. The online learning platform was built into I-9 Complete in response to a new U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requirement that E-Verify solution providers ensure users pass a knowledge test on E-Verify laws before granting E-Verify access. It also enables HR departments to deliver customized online training and ensure organizational competence with their company’s I-9 & E-Verify policies and procedures.

The new learning platform includes an E-Verify tutorial that incorporates all the USCIS training requirements in an engaging multi-media experience. It integrates I-9 Complete product screen shots and simulated mouse clicks, providing a rich user interface experience that mirrors the product’s E-Verify functionality. Employees can watch the tutorial in auto-play mode, or can click through at their own pace. A short quiz is given at the end of each topic. A report shows HR administrators which users have completed the tutorial, and which have passed the test requirement established by USCIS.

“When USCIS issues new compliance requirements, we respond and make sure our customers stay ahead of the curve,” said Tim Danison, Tracker Corp CEO. “While designing the new E-Verify tutorial we also took the opportunity to deliver a broader learning platform that addresses the needs of our customers to train employees on their company’s I-9 & E-Verify policies and procedures.”

With the new custom training functionality, HR managers control not only the content but also the requirements – target audience, quizzes, gated product functionality and more.

When a user logs into the Tracker electronic I-9 & E-Verify product, he or she is presented with a notification of any tutorials they are required to take. They can choose to launch the online training at that time, or be reminded again later of the training requirement. If a tutorial is aborted mid-stream, when it is re-launched, the user is placed right back where they left off, with all quiz answers retained.

“The larger the employer, the more difficult and costly it is for HR to ensure that everyone who processes new hires understands and follows their organization’s I-9 & E-Verify policies and procedures,” said Brian Fancher, chief compliance officer and vice president of product management for Tracker Corp. “Tracker I-9 Complete guides users through each step of the I-9 & E-Verify process. It now also provides an easy way to ensure that users across locations understand and uniformly follow the I-9 & E-Verify policies and procedures HR has established for the organization.”

About Tracker Corp
Tracker Corp is the leading provider of automated I-9 and E-Verify compliance solutions for large organizations with high-volume hiring. Its product for new hire I-9 compliance, I-9 Complete, delivers flawless I-9 & E-Verify compliance while eliminating 85% of an organization’s compliance workload. Winner of a 2014 TekTonic Award recognizing the most innovative & disruptive HR technology solutions, I-9 Complete is used by organizations with thousands of locations including some of the nation’s largest retailers, fast casual restaurant chains, grocers, transportation companies, federal contractors, staffing companies and more. Tracker Corp’s product for cleansing a company’s legacy I-9s, I-9 Resolve, is the only I-9 remediation solution that cures the majority of your I-9 errors while you sleep. Tracker Corp customers include The Kroger Co., Limited Brands, Smart & Final, and Schneider National. To learn more visit