Pragma-IT Releases Next-Generation Contract Therapy Clinician Application That Works Offline

Pragma-IT, the Chicago-based software firm behind the leading home health therapy staffing software therapyBOSS, released the next generation of the therapyBOSS clinician app. The therapyBOSS clinician app is a one-of-a-kind solution that works without internet. In recognition of the growing demand for mobile clinical and business software that does not rely on an uninterrupted internet connection to function, the therapyBOSS clinician app for home health clinicians, including physical therapists [PT], occupational therapists [OT], speech language therapists [SLP/ST], and medical social workers [MSW], works offline on practically every device such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

In an e-mail announcement to therapyBOSS users (whom the company affectionately calls therapy BOSSES), Pragma-IT Founding CEO Gennady Gandelman wrote, “True to our word, it has arrived! This is the culmination of our tremendous efforts to build the friendliest home health therapy software yet.” No other software solution for home health contract therapy staffing currently has this critical capability and at the same time support for every major platform including iOS®, Android®, Windows®, and Mac OS X®. The reality of the home health environment underscores the importance of this development: the majority of home health clinicians simply cannot rely on internet connection to always be available, as many of their patients do not have wireless internet. Additionally, therapy staffing companies and their clinicians want the freedom to operate seamlessly on a variety of today’s mobile devices.

With Pragma-IT’s therapyBOSS clinician application, home health professionals can better coordinate patient care and remain in compliance. The therapyBOSS clinician app allows management of the full lifecycle of referrals, including scheduling, electronic documentation charting, tracking reassessments (and other aspects of compliance), communication across the entire care team, and much more. Therapists simply continue their work as needed in the field, and when they are in the vicinity of a WiFi connection, they synchronize their device, which takes less than 10 seconds, and all the necessary information is available to all relevant parties, including other care team clinicians, therapy staffing companies, and home health agencies, immediately.

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