Talentstream Announces the Launch of Dynamic, and Feature-Filled Website, Revolution in the Job Search, Hiring Processes

The go-to talent acquisition agency for emerging technology companies new web presence is robust and innovative, to maximize user experience and value

Talentstream, LLC (Talentstream), a leading talent acquisition company and the go-to agency for emerging technology companies, announces today the launch of its new and dynamic corporate website. Talentstream’s new web presence delivers enhanced information about the company and its capabilities in a robust and user-friendly interface to maximize the utility and experience users receive from its services.

Trailblazer and innovator in the talent acquisition space, Talentstream president and founder, Sandrine Ennis led the re-design of the company’s new website to incorporate a unique feature, My Perfect Job, which eliminates the need for traditional resume and job posting and instead delivers an automated, customized, and value-added approach to the job search process. My Perfect Job allows candidates to out a survey that asks the candidate to specify the type of job would be their perfect job and what they’d love to do. It also specifically asks submitters to fill in their desired salary, title, location, industry, size of the company, type of work culture and benefits. Once submitted, the system then aggregates and delivers highly-relevant opportunities that fall within those defined parameters.

“When laying out the goals for our new website, I wanted to incorporate an innovative way to put candidates in the driver’s seat and really have a hand in finding the perfect job for them,” Ennis explains. “This approach is revolutionary in the talent space, turning the tables on the traditional job application and hiring process, and I feel it holds tremendous value for job seekers of all levels and skill sets.”

In 2013, leading research firm Gallup conducted a survey of over 150,000 professionals across the United States. In this poll, they discovered 70% of people are checked out or hate their job and 20% are counterproductive because of it. Worse yet were the numbers of people who said they were disengaged from their job. 52% of workers are disengaged and 18% of workers actively express discontent in their job.

“This data really jumped out at me and I wanted to find a way to create a better experience for job seekers upfront and help them to determine what type of job and position would truly be right for them,” Ennis continued. “I’m excited to share our new website and features with our clients and supporters and see this as a great stepping stone in Talentstream’s overall evolution and our mission to create successful relationships that last.”

Along with the valuable customization capability that enables a more efficient, productive job search, Ennis and the Talentstream team’s expertise, and intensive background with start-up tech companies also comes into play to deliver a truly innovative, value-added experience to connect prospective candidates with fast-growing tech companies. From seed and funding to marketing and sales, Talentstream sees the big picture of growth and is able to hand-pick candidates using a proprietary internal process that dedicates internal teams to specific functions, assesses personality styles, and allows Talentstream professionals to work smarter and more effectively.

Some of the other key features of Talentstream’s new website include:

•             Refreshed content text and organization, to make navigating the site easier and more efficient;

•             Updated design and look/feel to align with Talentstream’s updated branding;

•             More comprehensive data on Talentstream’s talent acquisition solutions and its innovative fee structures that enable young technology companies to afford a customized plan for growth;

•             A blog, which features insight into a variety of topics from how to excel in employment opportunities to how to retain top talent;

•             Direct access to Talentstream on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+; and

•             An easy, online form to schedule an appointment anywhere, anytime.

For more information and to view the newly-launched Talentstream website, please visit www.talentstreamco.com.

About Talentstream, LLC (Talentstream):

Talentstream is a unique talent acquisition company featuring a huge network of top talent for small to mid-sized emerging technology start-ups, who are focused on rapid growth and require skilled employees who can drive and support their unique growth aspirations. Unlike any other recruitment agency, Talentstream surpasses competitors with its depth of industry knowledge, innovative fee structure, tailored, collaborative approach, and commitment to personal service and customer satisfaction. President and Founder, Sandrine Ennis’ significant background and career experience with emerging technology companies also allows Talentstream to bring a ‘big picture/insider’ strategy to its clients to help them anticipate future needs and ensure ongoing success for a fully effective, value-added experience. To learn more about Talentstream, visit www.talentstreamco.com. Also, follow Talentstream on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.———————————————————————–


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