Corra Group Increases the Number of Drug Test Collection Sites to Meet the Employment Screening Needs of the Strong Growth Healthcare Industry

Corra Group is providing a wide range of drug collection sites in order to accommodate the compliance needs of those in the healthcare industry. As the healthcare industry continues as one of the strongest growth sectors in American Industry, there is a greater need for for such personnel as nurse practitioners, and people working in home health care services.

“Often drug tests are mandated before healthcare workers can be put on the job,” said Nick Gustavson, Corra Group Co-Founder. “There are pre-employment screening drug tests and the periodic drug tests with emphasis on contractors who work for the different recruiting agencies. When the healthcare worker accepts a new position, the staffing agency is required to conduct drug test as one of several background checks. Additional background searches may range from criminal records searches, to Healthcare Sanctions background checks.

“Any healthcare facility that is supported in any way with government funding is required to have its personnel undergo the healthcare sanctions background check,” said Gustavson. “It doesn’t matter if the employee is a doctor, a nurse, or even the IT guy who can’t tell a scalpel from a thermometer. If he is on the healthcare sanctions list, the medical facility is at risk of losing its government funding.”

Basichis pointed out that the new drug ordering system will allow Corra Group clients to order drug tests without leaving their user account. He defined the new drug testing application as fluid process that is simple and user friendly.

“Our new system will provide our clients with a greater range of drug test collection sites,” said Gustavson. “Our clients will be able to select locations from Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp as well as the affiliated drug collection sites in their respective networks. The drug tests will return automatically when completed. This new system will be especially advantageous to employment candidates who are working remotely.”

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