DEKRA now Offers ZigBee Services

DEKRA, a leading global provider of auditing and certification services, has entered into a cooperation agreement with TRaC Global, a Zigbee Alliance Certified test laboratory in the United Kingdom. The new partnership will enable DEKRA to call on TRaC Global for ZigBee certification purposes, while TRaC Global will be able to extend its testing services in the field of electrical safety via DEKRA.

Wireless networks are on the rise and in the future it will be impossible to imagine them not being part of our daily lives. ZigBee is an international standard for wireless networks and connections between devices at short distance. The ZigBee protocol facilitates communication between various electrical products. Other than playing an important role in the lighting industry, the ZigBee standard is also steadily gaining ground in building automation, telecom and health care.

“The cooperation with TRaC Global is an important addition to our services,” says Bert Zoetbrood, CEO of DEKRA Certification. “As a major player in the field of, for one, lighting, our service package would not be complete without these services. Since both companies complement each other’s service portfolio, we believe TRaC Global to be an ideal partner for DEKRA”.

Mark Heaven, CEO, TRaC Global adds: “As the leading ZigBee testing for certification centre in Europe, TRaC Global offers an extensive set of services for manufacturers, ranging from ZigBee specific tests to Notified Body work to assist in complying with legal market regulations. We are now looking forward to working more closely with DEKRA to enable both DEKRA’s and TRaC Global’s clients to have access to the broadest range of test services possible.”

Products can only carry the ZigBee logo if they have been certified by a ZigBee Alliance Certified test lab. The ZigBee Alliance is a non-profit association driving development of innovative, reliable and easy-to-use ZigBee standards.


DEKRA SE is one of the world’s leading expertise bodies. The company currently operates across more than fifty countries. In excess of 30,000 employees strive to safeguard safety, quality and the environment in the long term. The DEKRA business units Automotive, Industrial and Personnel provide professional and innovative services in the field of vehicle inspections, expert assessments, international claims management, consultancy, industrial tests and product tests, certification, the environment, training and temporary employment. The DEKRA global turnover for 2013 is in the region of 2.3 billion euro.

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