Staff One Launches Program for Trusted Advisors

Staff One has launched Partners Plus, a new program designed to help trusted advisors better serve their business clients. Partners Plus will give business consultants access to unparalleled expertise on HR, employee benefits, payroll, workers’ comp and risk management, as well as exclusive invitations to special events and access to educational materials for themselves and their clients.

“A myriad of options is available to those consultants serving businesses today,” said Staff One CEO Mark Sinatra. “Trusted advisors in the financial, insurance, private equity, investment and accounting segments should consider partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or HR Outsourcing firm to be sure they are offering their clients a full range of relevant and valuable services.”

“I referred one of my clients to Staff One because they were sick and tired of all the liability and hassle of being an employer,” said Mike Duke, a small business telecom consultant. “Staff One has treated my client like gold, and my relationship with my client has only strengthened!”

As part of the Partners Plus program, Staff One has hosted two Advisor Power Breakfast events in Dallas, offering an interactive breakfast briefing with topics affecting trusted advisors. Presenters have included Donna Meek, who is certified on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) by the National Association of Health Underwriters, and John Hershenberg, Regional Director forPinnacle Financial Services. Staff One will be hosting monthly Advisor Power Breakfast events in Dallas, Oklahoma City, and Nashville.

“It’s important for business advisors to educate themselves about the issues that their clients are facing,” said Staff One Business Development Director Donna Meek.

Meek will host an online webshop, ” How a PEO Can Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Clients,” on September 30.

“Working with trusted advisors is a core part of our business,” Meek explained. “Partnering with the right PEO can make a huge difference for all types of advisors, from investment advisors and CPAs to insurance agents, business consultants and private equity/VC firms. It’s important for trusted advisors to choose their partnerships well and make the right choices that benefit their firms and their clients.”

To request an invitation to future Power Breakfast events, webinars, or to find out more about Partners Plus, email Partners(at)staffone(dot)com.
Trusted advisors who register for a webshop or attend a Power Breakfast event will receive collateral specific to their expertise, and educational content regarding HR that can be shared with their clients.

About Staff One
Founded in 1988, Staff One is a leader in the Human Resources Outsourcing industry with an ESAC accredited and bonded PEO service offering. The company is a preferred provider of outsourced human resources management services that include benefits and payroll administration, health and workers’ compensation insurance programs, personnel records management, employer liability management, employee performance management and employee training and development services to small and medium-sized businesses. For more information, visit