LiveRes is Heading to Boston Massachusetts for the Small Business Expo

LiveRes is a website that was designed to instantly connect Employers with qualified Job-Seekers using technology and social media at its very best.

“Our vision is to become the go to website for anyone and everyone to be be able to showcase their talents, whether seeking employment or not. The idea of only using a resume when you are unemployed or seeking other work, to me seems like a huge mistake. Better jobs or opportunities can’t find you if your resume is sitting in a desk drawer or stored on a laptop or computer. It needs to be made available to be viewed by potential employers at all times. And that’s exactly what we do,” says Matthew R. DeRose Managing Member / Co-founders.

LiveRes continues to add new features as well as enhance existing features to provide a friendly and easy user experience that works. And at the upcoming Small Business Expo on October 2nd in Boston Massachusetts, LiveRes will introduce many new features designed for Recruiters and Staffing Agencies.

With features like Video Resumes, Online Interviews, Instant Messaging, Instant Video Chat (just to name a few), it’s never been easier for top companies all over the world to be able to reach out to qualified candidates.