erecruit™ Announces Acquisition of Leading Onboarding Solution eStaff365™

erecruit™, the emerging leader of enterprise staffing softwareand vendor management systems (“VMS”), today announced that the company has acquired leading onboarding solution eStaff365™. eStaff365™ is the best-of-breed, cloud-based onboarding solutionthat expedites and automates the new hire and re-hire process, while allowing companies to ensure compliance with secure digital signatures, I-9 with E-Verify integration, all state and federal forms, and a flexible, self-service PDF forms engine to support all other company-specific documents.

The acquisition extends erecruit’s product suite with eStaff365’s dynamic onboarding solution that was designed with the multi-client complexities of the staffing industry in mind. erecruit™ will offer eStaff365’s solution as part of its enterprise staffing platform, integrated with its front-office, middle-office and VMS modules, extending its true end-to-end solution. The onboarding module also will be available as a standalone product for direct employers and staffing companies, and can be integrated with other ATS, VMS, HRIS, and Time & Billing solutions.

“We have looked at every onboarding solution on the market and until seeing eStaff365™ we hadn’t found one robust and configurable enough for the staffing industry,” says Michael Epstein, President and CEO of CoWorx Staffing Services. “CoWorx works with a variety of clients who all have their own unique requirements, so we need an automated solution that, in addition to the traditional onboarding product features, enables us to add client-specific forms in real time without any vendor intervention, all while ensuring compliance and tracking. I am thrilled that this solution will now be available within our erecruit™ platform.”

The most significant advantage for customers using the new onboarding solution will be their ability to improve the time to start temporary staff, contractors and employees while ensuring all new hire requirements are met. The value proposition for all employers is the highly configurable and flexible solution that allows them to tailor their onboarding packages by client, department, role, type of hire, location and other parameters.

“Since we introduced our onboarding solution, we have continued to hear from employers and staffing firms how vital this technology is to their ability to comply with regulations and hiring requirements as well as to save on the costs and time required for onboarding,” says John Wagner, co-founder of eStaff365™. “erecruit™ is the perfect partner to further expand our reach and product development because of their commitment to customer experience, innovation, client-driven configurability and growth within the industry globally.”

Earlier this year, erecruit™ announced a $25 million minority investment from North Bridge, a leading growth equity firm focused on investing in emerging and high-growth technology companies. Thismarks one of the company’s significant investments in the expansion of its offerings and team. With this acquisition, erecruit™ takes another step in its vision to help customers simplify, optimize and automate processes so they can run more efficient and profitable businesses.

“We chose to acquire eStaff365™ because their onboarding solution is highly configurable and satisfies a number of significant employer needs,” says Judd Hoffman, co-CEO of erecruit™. “This solution is a game changer for employers in terms of hiring efficiencies, compliance, the candidate experience, and tracking.”

erecruit™ also announced that eStaff365™ co-founders, John Wagner and Marc Miller, will continue to lead the solution’s sales and technology development under the leadership of erecruit™.

About erecruit™
erecruit™ is the emerging leader in enterprise software and VMS designed for large staffing firms. erecruit™ uses modern, standards-based technologies to provide a highly scalable and configurable solution that allows today’s best firms to put their clients, candidates and vendors at the heart of their businesses. erecruit™ is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in Richmond, VA and London, England. To learn more, visit

About eStaff365™
eStaff365™ is a cloud-based solution that automates and streamlines the onboarding process for the staffing industry and employers. eStaff365™ includes compliance and auditing capabilities while reducing associated risks and costs. The highly configurable solution includes electronic onboarding with secure digital signatures, I9 with E-Verify integration, all state and federal forms, and a flexible, self-service PDF forms engine to support any staffing firm or client documents.