Top5Candidates launches online Candidate Sourcing, Screening, and Pre-qualifying services for small to mid-size companies and boutique staffing agencies

Top5Candidates, LLC, a socially responsible staffing solutions provider, announced the official launch of, a novel approach to staffing. delivers the best available, interested and confirmed candidates to hiring organizations via email in 3-5 business days, or sooner and all for a flat fee.

Top5Candidates delivers its unique staffing shortlist service, by sourcing, screening and pre-qualifying the most suitable candidates from the most popular paid databases, referrals and social networks. The company targets small to midsize companies and boutique staffing agencies nationwide and offers a portfolio of shortlist staffing solutions. “We found that many hiring organizations were overwhelmed not only by the amount of applications and resumes they received from their job postings, but also by the exorbitant costs of talent acquisition. We just got tired of seeing HR departments wasting time and resources interviewing the wrong candidates for their positions.” stated Eduardo J. Alarcon, Managing Partner and co-founder of Top5Candidates, LLC. “As a result of our findings, we decided to create and online service that would allow small to midsize companies and staffing agencies to find the top talent for their openings quickly, cost effectively and hassle free. We are extremely excited to announce that we have accomplished our goal with the launch of”

The company’s services allows hiring organizations to fill their job openings without any contractual commitments or hidden fees any time the need arises, whether they need hire one candidate or a hundred. Even in times of hiring sprees, acquisitions, or SOS staffing. The company is offering a special introductory discount coupon of 20% on any plan for a limited time to organizations that join the mailing list.

As a socially responsible organization, the company has committed to donate a basic plan to Non-Profit organizations selected by customers that have purchased twenty orders.

About Top5Candidates, LLC.

Top5Candidates is a socially responsible staffing service provider offering a novel shortlist service to hiring organizations and boutique staffing agencies. The company offers a portfolio of shortlist staffing solutions, including technology, finance and accounting, administrative, sales, health and medical and other staffing solutions.


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