Innovative Software Solutions , Inc. AKORE Fuel Tax Software develops New Fully Integrated Fuel Tax Compliance Interface for OpenLink’s RightAngle

San Antonio-based software provider Innovative Software Solutions, Inc, makers of AKORE® Tax Software Solutions, is pleased to announce plans for a new fully integrated tax compliance data interface for OpenLink’s industry leading C/ETRM offering RightAngle. “AKORE® FTPLUS® is quickly becoming a new industry standard for Fuel Tax Filing and Reporting and it has become clear to us that more and more of our customers and potential customers are utilizing (formerly SolArc) RightAngle,” says Richard Carrier President of Innovative Software Solutions, Inc.

Carrier, adds, “Just as we have previously done with SAP and other financial systems, our new interface will seamlessly provide the raw transaction data into our AKORE® Fuel Tax compliance solution. Data is one of the most important elements to filing fuel tax returns. We simplify the process with a fully automated capability that allows us to transform interface data into data that is tax ready to file.”

RightAngle is a comprehensive Commodities Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) solution, supporting front to back office workflow from physical and financial deal capture to risk position reporting, logistics, settlement and accounting. ISSI’s AKORE® FTPLUS® provides Excise Fuel Tax filing capabilities across all 50 states Canada and Federal.

Innovative Software Solutions, Inc. is the home of IRS EXSTARS certified AKORE® FTPLUS® software and AKORE® TaxCalendar, AKORE® TaxCRM, AKORE® PricingCRM, AKORE® Contacts, and AKORE® CRM software. Standing and contributing members of the Federation of Tax Administrators Uniformity. “Our business is reducing your time to file.”