Optimum Employer Solutions Launches New Website

Optimum Employer Solutions announces the launch of its new, updated website. While the new website will remain at the same URL, the content will be refreshed and expanded and the site will be made even more user-friendly.

Optimum Employer Solutions has been on the web for years, but the business has somewhat outgrown the original company website. Therefore, Optimum has decided to launch a new website that will incorporate all of the changes necessary to meet the needs of the growing customer base of this Inc. 5000 company. The new website will incorporate all of the factors that make it more user-friendly for customers as well as a great deal of new information and resources.

Optimum was recently named one of Orange County’s fastest-growing businesses by the Orange County Business Journal for the fourth year in a row, reflecting the company’s rapid expansion over the past few years. Optimum continues to expand into new states every year, providing HR services as well as employee benefit management and risk management to employers who are learning how easy it is to turn these important jobs over to a professional employer organization or PEO.

The new website will feature much easier and user-friendly options and will expand the available services currently on the company’s website at http://www.optimumhr.net. The PEO’s website will allow users to access many of the company’s services as well as seek information and answers about common employment issues and give them the ability to find these resources quickly.

Among HR consulting firms, Optimum Employer Solutions, located on the web at http://www.optimumhr.net/human-resources, offers far more than many other PEOs. With complete, professional human resource services as seen athttp://www.optimumhr.net/employee-benefits as well as risk management and other options for employers, Optimum is drawing attention with its expanding services as well as its new website design.

About Optimum Employer Solutions: Optimum Employer Solutions is a PEO that offers help with managing health care insurance and other employee benefits for small employers.

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Name: Michele Bianchi
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