TargetRecruit Teams with Act-On to Help Clients Achieve Recruiting Campaign Success

TargetRecruit, a leading provider of cloud-based staffing apps, has integrated with Act-On Software, the leading provider of marketing automation software for small and mid-size businesses. Act-On’s easy-to-use marketing platform helps clients gain a strategic edge, with the ability to orchestrate sophisticated marketing campaigns across email, web, mobile and social, and report on the performance from a single-dashboard.

TargetRecruits integration with Act-On will help clients gain better visibility into recruiting campaign performance. In this fast growing and demanding staffing industry where quick turnaround time and effective communication is the core of success, we are pleased to offer our customers one of the most result-oriented marketing automation software systems, said Reena Gupta, CEO of TargetRecruit. Together we can make a difference and can help our clients execute a more effective communication strategy that can save HR departments time and money and increase overall company productivity.

TargetRecruit with Act-On Empowers Teams to:

Nurture Candidates and New Business – Trigger emails can be customized and launched using Act-On technology from within the TargetRecruit platform to help companies market their services to clients and communicate job opportunities to quality candidates. The triggered emails can be based on specific actions (e.g., signing up for a newsletter, visiting the careers page, or downloading a particular piece of content), and aim to keep prospects engaged and momentum going. And by integrating with your CRM, all email communications are captured in your activity history for each lead.

Create Operational Efficiency – Having the two systems integrated forges new levels of understanding and cooperation between sales, HR and marketing. It also helps to improve hiring and prospecting results.

Enhance Department Productivity Staffing firms and HR departments can now leverage a single platform to create, manage and report on campaign performance. The integration reduces the complexity of working in multiple systems and reduces the time and resources associated with running disparate technologies. The latest integration allows users to focus on their core objectives – recruiting and serving clients, rather than chasing marketing campaign performance.

With TargetRecruit and Act-On, recruiters can prioritize candidates based on their digital behavior, said Judy Logan, Director of Customer & Partner Marketing at Act-On Software. That candidate intelligence can help recruiters, in an agency or in a company, to fill requisitions faster.

About TargetRecruit

TargetRecruit is a leading Ecosystem of cloud-based staffing apps built on the platform. Serving companies on six continents, the TargetRecruit ecosystem provides everything staffing companies need to source, hire and manage top talent.

TargetRecruit is one of the most highly recommended recruiting applications on Salesforce.coms application marketplace, AppExchange. Staffing and recruiting firms worldwide use TargetRecruit as an end-to-end solution for running their staffing business because of the flexibility, mobility, and ease of customization. Clients can add and subtract apps according to their changing business needs.

TargetRecruit provides their clients one system to manage recruiting, sales & marketing, accounting & payroll, time sheet tracking, approvals, and robust reporting. TargetRecruit also supports their clients with consulting services to help them configure and customize the application according to their unique business processes and requirements.

TargetRecruit is the first end-to-end staffing industry application on Salesforce.coms business application marketplace, AppExchange.

The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with centers in San Francisco, California; Los Angeles, California; New Haven, Connecticut; Bangalore, India; Sydney, Australia; and Minsk, Belarus.