How Staffing Firms Can Use Video Interviewing

It’s not just about the cool new piece of technology anymore. Video interviews make sense because they are efficient, cost effective, and they are simply convenient. Not to mention 60% of candidates actually prefer video interviews. The popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has increased the flexibility of job applicants and recruiters alike. Corporate HR departments aren’t the only ones who can benefit from video interviews over the traditional face-to-face. Staffing firms can use video interviews to their benefit as well, saving on overhead, time, and energy.

Money, Convenience, and Overhead

Corporations who don’t necessarily have the resources for an extensive hiring program pay staffing firms. With video interviews, these staffing firms can decrease the talent pool sooner, so they can send the most qualified candidates onward to the hiring managers at the company who employs them. The capability to go mobile will affect businesses more than the internet did in the 1990s; 67% of CIOs and IT professionals agree.

Mobility saves time and money. Video One-Way interviews have the ability to go mobile for both the candidate and the recruiter from the staffing firm.GreenJobInterview’s Mobile App allows users to interview and record beyond the traditional 9 to 5 work schedule. Combine the projected 6.1 billion smartphone users by the year 2020, and the growing number of companies that use video interviews as a major part of their hiring process… You will find the need for mobile video interviews. Luckily for you, GreenJobInterview offers this and much more.

No Need for One-on-One

The one-on-one experience can be very intimidating for some candidates and recruiters alike. So, these firms record candidates for one position or many, using general questions to place talent in the best position. The videos can then be passed along to the corporate hiring manager, who can assess candidate communication and presentation skills. It gives candidates who are camera shy or timid in interview situations the opportunity to retake their One-Way videos if they feel they can communicate their qualifications better.

Speed of Light

Using a video interviewing service saves companies both time and money in the hiring process. It can also save the same amount of time and money for staffing firms, who take a large portion of the burden off of the shoulders of the corporate HR departments. This is true for recruiting companies as well. With recruiting technology like this, they no longer have to travel to screen applicants, nor do job seekers have to travel to the staffing office in order to conduct those preliminary interviews.

HR departments aren’t the only teams looking to save time, money, and energy during the hiring process. Many large companies look to staffing firms to do the first stages of the hiring process for them, in order to save time and money. They do this in order to prevent wasting time with the candidates who are less than desirable. These staffing firms can save on overhead by using video interviewing technology, because they too save a substantial amount of money per interview on travel. Furthermore the candidates who participate in the One-Way video screenings can also use these videos for multiple companies. That saves time, money, and energy for both the applicants and the staffing firm recruiters.

Video screening and interviewing helps bridge those inherent disconnects that can pop up for an organization using a staffing firm. Branding, culture and recruitment messaging are all seamlessly delivered through recorded interviews, ensuring that your employer brand is presented with your strategy and vision in the forefront.

Bio: Julie Salerno, VP Sales

Julie Salerno provides guidance and leadership to GreenJobInterview’s sales team and is responsible for the ongoing growth of the company’s revenues and profitability. She is involved in strategic planning, helping to managing the company’s resources, and improving its business processes.

Previously, she served as a partner and senior executive recruiter at Personnel Strategies, Inc.

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