Fyre Partners With TempWorks to Significantly Boost Recruiter Productivity

Fyre, who builds tools to simplify and speed up the candidate search and placement process, today announced that is has partnered with TempWorks Software, a leading provider of staffing software. TempWorks users now have access to Fyre software within the platform to save users both time and money while finding the perfect candidate.

Fyre is dedicated to streamlining the entire recruitment process by enhancing the resources used to find candidates, unifying it with the staffing firm’s internal notes and details stored in TempWorks and the social web. As recruiters view candidates Fyre slides into view, displaying useful details, notes and different contact methods, including social media profiles. This eliminates the need for recruiters to continually switch between multiple windows, drastically reducing the time it takes to find great candidates. With Fyre, there’s no need to change the workflow or learn a new system as it simply works on sites recruiters already use, displaying and updating candidate information automatically in real time.

“We’re excited about this new partnership, bringing the speed and efficiency advantages of Fyre to all of TempWorks’ customers,” says Tim Arnold, CEO and founder of Fyre. “Every recruiter wants to find more candidates in less time without sacrificing quality. Fyre makes it possible.”

This partnership builds on TempWorks Software’s 55 years of experience innovating in the staffing industry.

“The seamless integration of Fyre with our system provides greater operational efficiency for our customers,” said David Dourgarian, President and CEO of TempWorks. “Thousands of TempWorks Infinity users will now have access to Fyre included as a part of their hosted service, an offering we are thrilled to make and have already seen an impact from customers.”

For more information on Fyre, visit www.getfyre.com.

About Fyre:
Fyre is an Orlando-based start-up that seeks to empower staffing agencies and human resources teams with the tools to simplify and speed up the candidate search and placement process. The Fyre team has a deep understanding of the challenges in staffing with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

About TempWorks Software
Founded in 1997, TempWorks provides a full suite of enterprise staffing software solutions. Designed to automate and streamline all facets of a staffing firm’s daily operation, TempWorks Software offers fully integrated front and back-office staffing software. From recruiting to payroll and everything in between, TempWorks Software puts technology to work for staffing firms and their clients.

For more information on Fyre, visit www.getfyre.com or follow them on Twitter @getfyre and Facebook atfacebook.com/GetFyre.

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