Trace3 Partners with CHG Healthcare Services To Revamp Big Data Strategy, Improve ROI

Trace3, a pioneer in digital business transformations, has partnered with CHG Healthcare Services (CHG), one of the nation’s oldest and largest healthcare staffing firms, to reengineer its business intelligence (BI) infrastructure and enable disparate operating units to collaborate more effectively.

CHG had established a central location for financial data and call center activity to manage its complex ecosystem of recruiters, account managers and vendor contracts. However, disparate business units still conducted their own separate data analysis. Reporting modifications for each division were not provided to central IT and not all divisions had access to the same BI tools and dashboards. As a result of these inefficiencies, CHG had difficulty using predictive analytics to drive growth, until partnering with Trace3 to re-evaluate its approach to BI.

CHG and Trace3 outlined a path to success by using the Trace3 Big Data Intelligence Envisioning solution as a framework to provide a strategic and tactical map for CHG’s environment, business needs, and reporting challenges. The outcomes from the Envisioning Engagement revealed many areas where CHG could improve its business intelligence and analytics goals, such as securing C-level executive sponsorship of BI initiatives, integrating BI dashboard technologies, and establishing data governance guidelines and strategies.

“By conservative measures, implementing the right dashboard technologies for internal and external clients and implementing a Data Governance program will create significant cost savings and will enable CHG Healthcare to realize tens of millions of dollars in new revenue generating opportunities annually,” said Michael Peterson, VP & CIO, CHG Healthcare Services. “The insights that Trace3 discovered during our Envisioning Engagement – while putting those insights into recommendations and actions – will continue to deliver dividends far into our future.”

“We designed our Big Data Envisioning solution to help companies extract the maximum value from business critical information to provide more than a snapshot of today, but rather a clear roadmap for the future,”  said Juan Guevara, Big Data Practice Director, Trace3.

Trace3’s Big Data Envisioning solution is a holistic and vendor-agnostic professional services engagement that provides an end-to-end solution based on the company’s services methodology framework and big data design pattern. It combines a business and technical discovery and assessment system to identify or validate a use case, analyze staff knowledge gaps, and provide the best possible platform design with a transition roadmap.

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