Questco Selects Davison Solutions to Drive Business Growth

FW Davison & Company (“Davison”), the leading provider of high-performance software solutions for the Professional Employer Outsourcing (PEO) industry, announced that Questco, a PEO with over 12,000 worksite employees, has selected Davison solutions as its new operating software platform. Questco will move from its legacy system to Davison’s HRPyramid solution to streamline its core business processes, increase its service offerings, and better support overall business growth.

Questco offers a broad range of integrated payroll, HR and benefit outsourcing services using a PEO co-employment model to help its clients focus on core business processes, avoid compliance issues, and better manage workforce. As the marketplace becomes more competitive and the needs of its customers more sophisticated, Questco has been limited by a rigid legacy software system unable to support the increasing complexity of the company’s growing PEO business. Questco recognized that positioning its business for future growth would require replacing its current system with a more efficient, scalable PEO operations platform.

Questco selected Davison’s integrated cloud delivery platform HRPyramid, leveraging complex core functionality and multi-tenant architecture to facilitate payroll processing, benefits, billing and receivables, human resources administration, client and employee self-service, employee onboarding, benefits enrollment, and reporting. With HRPyramid, Questco will gain the operational efficiency, speed and flexibility it needs to scale operations, streamline processes and deliver improved services across its customer base.

“We feel we can move in lockstep with Davison,” said Tim Pratte, Questco’s Chief Operating Officer. “Davison continually enhances its software to leverage advancements in technology and keep pace with regulatory change, which is very important to our business and aligns with our desire to partner with a progressive company. For example, with ACA compliance at the top of everyone’s list right now, Davison has created an advanced set of tools that enable us to clearly and accurately report on wage and hour data, and provide the regulatory compliance our clients depend on us for.”

HRPyramid will give Questco’s clients more flexibility in reporting payroll, managing paid time off plans, and interfacing with other systems such as accounting, time and attendance, and applicant tracking.  Streamlining the functionality will save Questco’s customers much needed time, and allow them to focus on their core business.

“We are thrilled that Questco selected the Davison platform to fuel their growth,” said Gary Noke, president of FW Davison & Company. “With the efficiencies gained with HRPyramid, Questco can more effectively scale their business, enabling them to focus on growing their client base and adding new services for existing clients.”

About F.W. Davison & Company
F.W. Davison & Company (“Davison”) creates enterprise software solutions that help the Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) industry, including Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) and Administrative Service Organizations (ASO), service worksite clients and employees. The HRPyramid service delivery platform leverages best-of-breed partner solutions and complex core functionality that facilitates payroll processing, benefits and human resources administration, billing, account management, new hire onboarding and online benefits enrollment. For more information, visit

About Questco
Questco is privately held national professional employer organization (PEO) based in Conroe, Texas, serving the human capital needs of small and medium sized businesses. Questco was founded in 1990, and ever since have provided payroll, workers compensation, benefits, and other administrative solutions that save businesses time and money. For more information, visit
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